Complier Problem

I am currently using these following tutorials.
When I try to complie the .qc file using GUIStudioMDL, I always end up getting this error, (Error is in bold)

And this is the .qc file.

It looks like you forgot to put quotes around pc_evy_inner_armor01.smd in the first third
Also, put a closing quotation around "pc_female_sweety_bear_foot.smd on the line above that

So, like this:

$bodygroup foot {

studio "pc_female_sweety_bear_foot.smd"


$bodygroup body {

studio "pc_evy_inner_armor01.smd"

Because their aren’t any quotations around them at the moment, the compiler thinks that the SMD name is in fact a command, hence the “invalid command” error

Ok I got that problem fixed now. Thanks, but now I get the eyeball texture is missing error.

EDIT:Both of the errors has been fixed.
The problem has been solved.