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I like dat bow :s
need something really silent to hunt players and animals.
Also you should be able to place attachments like red-dot sigh on it to aim way better.

I guess 20 Metal Ore, 50 Leather, 20 Cloth and 100 Wood should be a good price.

i don’t agree with this. materials cannot be created from wood and stone.

Its not a weapon for starters, it’s for players who already collected something.
A M4 isnt craftable with wood and stones, because its not a beginner item. Neither the bow is, so I think its legit to achieve a better bow when you “ranked up” a bit.
Btw, you can craft a M4, kevlar and c4, so it should be possible to craft a composite bow too. :wink:
Newbies can play with the normal bow, but i would like to get a stronger bow to easily hunt animals.

What you have there in the picture would be called compound bow.
Also, as this is a compound bow, it is little affected by changes in temperature and humidity and this gives it superior accuracy, velocity, and distance compared to other bows. (not like in your description)

Do we really need better bows? The current bow is actually quite powerful for being a low-level item (one of the first tools you’ll acquire).

Ups, youre right!
Sorry for that mistake, forgot the difference between a coposite and a compund bow.
But that doesnt matter really, i just wanted to say or show that I think we need a better bow then the actual one.
It’s really okay for the beginning, but it annoying to need 4 arrows for a bear and 2 for a wolf.
It also would be cool to be able to use the compung bow for hunting against players and not only against animals. A silent, but deadly weapon would be very fantastic!

the main benefit i see of a compound bow (and yes i hunt with a compound bow) would be a sight post, straighter trajectory of the arrow, more damage, and possible arrows with different arrow heads (like broadheads that cause bleeding).

I really like the possibilities and different uses of a compund bow! :slight_smile:
It’s also a nice weapon to get the players away from only using m4.
At least a compund bow would be just great and a very cool new item!

The most important part is speed (which leads to straighter trajectory).
The military weapons we have are hitscan weapons, means you dont have to compensate for the movement of people. The moment you pull the trigger and your aim is on target you hit it.

Having a bow with more speed (of the arrow) would make it competitive to the military weapons.

The existing bow already kills players with 2 hits, even if they are wearing Kevlar (which is quite extraordinary). While I would love to have a sight post, I’m pretty good without one.

Different types of arrows might be interesting, but in terms of gameplay they wouldn’t really add that much (compared to, for example, adding craftable traps to buildings).

I’m not against the proposal, I just don’t see it as a huge priority.

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Requiring the bullet to actually travel through space/time would be far preferable to speeding up the bow. Good point, though, having a bow with a faster arrow would be nice.

But quiet unrealistic.
For example the 556 Nato travels with around 1000m/s but the arrow of a bow (compound bow) travels with 45 - 113 m/s.

So i have no problem with military weapons beeing hitscan and the arrow having travel time. If we could just improve a bit on the speed of the arrow, i would be happy :slight_smile:

P.s.: also faster drawing of arrows would be nice.

a compound bow would also allow for a steadier (and longer) aim as when you have a compound bow at full draw you have gone past the “breakover” point. meaning the draw weight has changed from say 80lbs to 40lbs. this allows you to hold your aim longer with a compound bow than a recurve. A recurve bow you have the full draw weight the entire time you have it to your ear. And you cant hold 80lbs like that for very long.

As for the arrows, a compound bow would allow players to make carbon arrows (maybe a mix of metal fragments and stone…i know not accurate but a possibility) that would only be usable on the compound bow.

So for the realistic side of things it could be a longer and steadier draw with a faster (and straighter) line of fire. I like the idea of a compound bow myself and i think it could be a great addition to the game. I think it could be developed along with traps for bases (which i think are definitely needed).

I like it, although we already have one, we could add this for diversity,
why no?

are you going to supply the model, texture & animation for this too? otherwise its useless.

Dont want that too. Hunting bow ist strong enough!

Compared to what? The 9mm or the bolt action? There have several different levels of guns, each with different stats. Why can’t they do the same with bows?

Yep, think it will change the aspects of the game and will add more survival feeling then with Kevlar and M4’s.
Rust shouldnt be about to craft/collect more weapons then the us army.
Its about survival, not crafting kevlar and destroy bases just because ure able to do it.
Imagine you would be at this island, im sure the first thing to do wouldnt be to find c4 to raid a base…

Everyone saying “No. There’s already a bow.”:
All I have to say is thank God you’re not leading development. If you were, the game surely would get no where because any time an idea was proposed: “No”.

I’d like if the current bow had its damage lessened and they added this as a higher-tiered bow that allowed for modifications. It’d make more sense for modifications to be able to be attached to a compound rather then a recursive, as well. They already have bow modifications listed on their Trello as to-do (if memory serves correctly). As for models for compound bows - I’d rather see them model a new weapon for us to use then a new furnace, simply put. The furnace is fine how it is.

As for the resources - doesn’t make sense for it to use up ores considering that’s the raw mineral from harvesting it.
It’d make more sense for it to use low quality metal as opposed to ores.

Add in animal bits like deer horn and a lot of time and it’s doable.