Compositing Test

I made this short composting test in a day to see what I could do. I’ve used Sony Vegas 2.0 in the past but that was in another life… I forgot everything I learned and pretty much learned some new things in a day, so this is technically my first machinima attempt.

It’s pretty short, I like to make small things and improve on those as much as I can so I can eventually go on to make stuff with more content and of higher quality. Anyway, here’s the video.


In the Blue universe, the Special Tactics and Reconnaissance Division is a global private military fighting force established as part of the negotiation of Earth’s surrender by Wallace Breen. They are the precursor to Overwatch. The bulk of SPECTRE is solely dedicated to peacekeeping in regions recently brought under Combine control. Spectres are frequently deployed behind enemy lines where they are utilized in the interdiction of rebel intelligence and supplies. In this way SPECTRE is a highly flexible global fighting force performing the roles of the modern United States Army, Navy Seals, and CIA.

Battle of Aegis 23

The destabilization of the teleportation field covering Sector 14 (now known as City 14) teleported 10,000 troops to the offworld Citadel manufacturing plant. The survivors quickly reorganized and attempted to assault the dark energy reactors powering the massive plant spanning over the surface of Aegis 23. The strike force managed to cripple the plant’s manufacturing capacity substantially, but would ultimately be overrun by Xen and augmented Combine forces.

Special Thanks:

The Freesound Project (ambient battle sounds) (models)

Tools Used:

FRAPS (recording)

Source SDK (Faceposer)

Garry’s Mod (could have been any mod really… but why not?)

Sony Vegas Professional 10

I plan to turn this into an episodic mod and possibly a machinima series in the future.

I strongly prefer quality over quantity, you might notice I only have three videos, but they either look good (at least I think so) or have something to show at least. Better to have only few videos than a ton of crap filmed in construct, to crappy music right? If there are any experienced machinima makers out there reading this, I’d be glad to get some tips.