Compound Bow, vote for it?

Now that you can vote, i would be happy if you think the same way, that Compound bows would be a cool idea. :slight_smile:
Also many of u guys like the idea of a signage, so why dont u vote for it?
Greetz :slight_smile:

Very cool, i love it! :slight_smile:

I added your items to general items thread.

You can view it here:

Yes just saw your thread and my Compound bow at the end of it :smiley:

Nice link voted yes for both!

I like it overall, however the description just seems to be copied from wikipedia.

Its my little secret, but dont tell anyone about it ;D
Im just to lazy to create a own one, but if it would be implemented, i would make one, or the dev. would do it for me. :slight_smile:
I think the mainpoint is that we like dat bow cuz its cool :smiley:

We can’t predict all details for items, like crafting materials, but we want to see this bow in game, that for sure. :slight_smile:

Yep, think so too :))