Compound Bows?

With the addition of multiple ammo types being added to the game, new weapons being added to the game and no mention of weapon modifications (silencers) coming in the very near future, I feel we need some kinda of “quieter” weapon for stealth play. Update 59 nerfed the arrow to make it “less of an option” and more of a “use it if you have nothing else” kind of weapon. While I do believe this change was very necessary, it leaves us at a point where there really is no viable stealth weapon. A compound bow would be a perfect filler for this and it fits perfect for a post-apocalyptic theme.

I cannot for the life of me remember where, but about 2 weeks ago I remember reading someone’s post who claimed Gary initially had plans for compound bows in the really early stages of experimental’s development, but it never went any further. How true this is I don’t know, but it might be time to revisit it. Changeable ammunition types fits a compound bow immensely, as there is a very broad ranges of arrow types, including but is not limited to, broadheads (would cause large bleeding), bullet points (less drop, but less bleeding), explosive (would be an AOE arrowhead with large drop), stone heads (probably the worst arrow head, but easy to make), heck, even flaming arrows. The list goes on and on.

It might be a stupid idea and I’m sure some of you would disagree with its inclusion, but I do believe a compound bow would be a very thematic inclusion to that post-apocalyptic feel, as well as giving us a “quiet approach” kind of option now that the bow has been heavily nerfed. What are your thoughts on this? Silly idea or would you be interested in having a quieter reliable weapon?

I don’t necessarily disagree with the idea, but how is the normal bow not a stealth option already? As far as I can remember I only hear the sound of the arrow missing and hitting the ground. Is there a sound that I’ve completely disregarded this whole time?

The bow is definitely usable, don’t get me wrong, its just that its not as potent as it once was. I just feel as though there needs to be a much better stealthy option, especially after the arrow nerf. The compound bow is a perfect fit. Heck, make it hard to find the blueprint and make it quite expensive on the materials to make it and the arrows, we just need some kind of stealth weapon to get rid of that feeling of guns-blazing-beats-all.

… Or maybe a crossbow that would deal lots of damage but be slower to reload, and would require some metal to fabricate.

A compound bow sounds awesome. It could be a bow upgrade for people who enjoy bow but need a bit more of a punch.
Crossbow could be a sort of heavy weapon, 1 hit kill to naked/light cloth people but requires you to stand still to reload?

If we go realistic, the crossbow should have the same power (being able to chose the strength of the string/bow would be nice), longer reload time but also more accuracy.
And you can run around while being able to shoot immediately (after cocking).

I finally want some sling weapons, though.

The game may already have 2 bow models. If you remember a few month’s back, the bow looked more like it did in Legacy: intertwined branches. Now it’s more of a streamlined wooden bow. The former could become a super-cheap starter bow, and the latter more of warbow. The compound bow could become the apex, and maybe make bone useful.

Crossbows could have a lower rate of fire and require metal/scrap.