Compound Compromised

created in SFM on gm_black

lighting and colors are neat but the very basic camera angle coupled with the simple composition kills the atmosphere somewhat

I think the angle & FOV is kind of not intense enough. The bad guys in the middle should be bigger in their size (zoom in more and step back with camera is what I would have done). I also would’ve moved the camera closer to the ground to make the bad guys appear big and intimidating. There’s some empty parts as well. The editing is, of course, really nice. The guy in the lower right with the glowing screen of the rpg is a nice idea as well.

Another problem is that the effects don’t have DOF on them. Which makes them much sharper than they ought to be.


also unless the guy is standing in water, he has an extra joint above his ankle.

yep, there’s shallow water throughout the corridor. technically the effects do have DOF, since they were made in SFM.