Compound Raid


Nice lighting

If only they were this competent during actual HL2 gameplay.


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yeah, for armored cyborgs they’re pretty pathetic enemies :v:

I swear those weed plants aren’t mine! I’m just holding it for a friend! Haha

The lighting looks nice but it’s still a tad flat in my opinion. Also, the posing on the left combine soldier looks a bit awkward, the others look good for the most part. The grass in the background is too bright too, kind of takes my attention away from the other details.

But nice picture overall. I love Half Life scenes, definitely the core of Garrysmod

ty. the soldier on the left is indeed posed pretty oddly. i guess i was too tired to notice that.

Given that it’s a Half-Life related pose, I figure I should comment something. :v:

The lighting does look nice, even I don’t really agree with the idea that their lenses would emit some sort of lighting. Honestly, given the way we (as the player) have seen the Overwatch Soldiers animate in-game, I personally don’t agree with the posing very much; they aren’t hunched or leaned forward as I would imagine them to be if they were at the ready. The flat background behind the fence is also a bit jarring. I think it would have been nice if it were held back, had more distinct props behind it besides the unlit truck, and given fog to give depth to the picture.

i tried adding some props and buildings to the background to make it less flat but it ended up looking really distracting so i left them out. with a bit more space, it probably would’ve worked.

Lighting works extremely well, especially on the very left.