Comprehensive Memory Leak information Thread

I will keep this post updated with future posts to keep things ‘comprehensive’

This thread is ONLY for:

  • Useful information/clues related to the memory leak
  • Knowledgeable people theory crafting possible reasons to help the devs
    This thread is NOT for:
  • Whining, complaining, bitching, moaning, or opinion sharing


  • The memory leaks more slowly if the player stays in one place versus moves around a lot.
  • Leak starts when joining a server

Memory usage starts at 4-6gb and slowly climbs to 9+GB over the course of 1-3 hours.

Please post any INFORMATION that might HELP. Lets take this fucker out once and for all.*

I don’t know how helpful it is, but the leak happens in the Linux client as well. Almost exactly the same behavior, just starts off using less memory than the Windows version (about 800MB less, maybe due to using shared libraries), and takes longer to climb. The eventual result is the same.

I have 16GB of RAM in my rig and it’s never capped even after the game has been running for over 12 hours (and me playing). I haven’t monitored RAM usage so I don’t yet know where it gets to. This weekend I’ll make sure I check every so often.

I have 32 GB of ram, after 5-6 hours of game play it have used around 12-16 GB of ram, I use Windows 10 64 bit, it may be caused by Rust not fully supported by Windows 10, but I cant tell.

Yes I played for a solid 4-5 hours last night and near the end of my night I checked the memory usage and it was almost 11GB.

Be noted the amount of RAM used is depending on the RAM you actually have. A player with 8GB RAM claiming it’s using 4GB RAM wouldn’t be the same for a 4GB RAM player.

However once it start leaking, the question is if it leaks as fast for a higher RAM user as a lower, or if a low RAM user will run out of available RAM faster.

Also it don’t seem to happen every time. Tested with a friend and most of the time I didn’t get a leak while he was pretty much getting it every time, yet we ran around together doing the same stuff.

i made a post about this when it first started to happen. The memory leak begins at the beginning of joining a server. heres my old post

I found that if I am high on pot the memory leak is much worse.

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