Comprehensive model list?

I recently decided to get into lua, having wanted to make Gmod addons for a while now. I decided to follow the tutorials made by Garry to begin with, but in order to continue I need the model name of the melon physics prop. I am looking for some kind of list that contains all the models, or at least all the physics models in Gmod so I can use them in my lua code. Does such a list exist, and if not could someone please tell me what the model name for a melon is?

Go into the spawn menu, right click the model you want and click “copy to clipboard” or if you want to do it the hard(long) way open the hl2 / episodes vpks and get model paths like that…

Find the model in spawnmenu > Right click > Copy to clipboard.

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Darn you spencer.

Damn, that was fast. I was hoping for something online so I wouldn’t have to open Gmod in the middle of coding, but thank you both very much.

Why would you want GMod closed when you code? You do know that your scripts get automatically reloaded, right?

Yeah, I know, but for whatever weird reason having it open at the same time bugs me. :stuck_out_tongue: