Compressing GMod

First, hello.

Second, I finished installing GMOD and mods from various SVNs, in the end I was with a 24gb SteamAPP folder. Since my comp is a low-spec computer (Don’t laugh, it is a 40GB HDD), and my file system is NTFS, I decided to compress the whole folder (and the files inside it). There’s any disadvantage on compressing the files? (I did it before when I had a 10GB HDD [and a less load of mods] and I saw nothing different from playing it without compressing)

Btw, sorry for any typos if it has. I’m from Brazil D:

Oh really? Well, gues what, I’m from Brazil too. Nice English you got there.
And it depends on your operating system. I tried to compress some files with Vista and my PC just went straight to hell. :clint:

Thats what I think.
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Longer loading times/ more stutter from decompression are all I can think of.

Oh, forgot to mention that, I’m using Windows XP Professional (Can’t trust on Vista)

Edit: Thanks for putting this thread on the right place =)