Compressing multiple addons into one.

So for my Black Mesa RP server, I have addons for the Black Mesa Source materials. Only one problem… It has NINE PARTS. And I’m sure you can tell that subscribing to nine addons to make a complete addon is just annoying. So does anyone know how to compress .vtf files or go over the file size limit (if its allowed)?


You can lower their quality individually, but you should really just cut down on the content. I doubt that you absolutely need every texture and model.

Also, you cannot go over the limit.

What do you mean by lower the quality? Just make each VMF a lower quality then?

VMF? I meant the VTF’s; lower the texture quality on them.

I meant VTF’s, lol/

Basically downscale all vtfs to 1024x1024, you don’t need to go higher with GMod.

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I did it with my Lightsabers and cut down from 80MB to 30.

You can also try 512x512 on some textures.