“A Spetsnaz soldier in the Balkans is compromised during a covert operation and is pursued by NATO troops. 1998.”

The posing is a bit scruffy but I’m pretty happy with how the lighting turned out here.

dont use flatgrass

What map would I use instead? gm_black is nice and all but the ground doesn’t have any texture.

That’s why you create your own ground.

When I made the transition to gm_black I had a lot more control over ground, light, sky, and overall scene. It’s more work, but it’s worth it, you should give it a try, I can’t go back now

your pic doesnt even make much use of the ground in that angle anyway
plus the ground in the map is literally flat, the map isnt meant for scenebuilding

even if youre not into full scale scenebuilding on gm_black, theres a ton of other darker night time maps with decent terrain for you to use