Computer consoles.

Lots of buttons.

The intention is to create some Mission Control poses, so I’m trying to go for the 1960’s look.
And the TF2 props might work, but I wanted a little more realistic. Fallout 3 props might (?) work.


And I’m just using poses. I’ll make a full fledged map when I learn hammer.

Essentially, the rebels will be launching the rocket into space using Apollo Era computers/

There’s some in the GoldenEye: Source mod, so you can try searching for a content pack of it on here/ or download the mod and copy the models and materials folders from that and pasting them in GMod.

Oh, cool beans, dude.

By the way, I don’t know if there’s anything like this happening already, but I figured that once i learned to map and all that I would take a stab at making a Facepunch Space Center, similar in purpose to FP_Office. except that there would be a NASA-style mission control and maybe a launch pad.

(another idea of mine was to place a huge FP logo or DMGaina’s symbol, etc. on the EP2 rocket.)

Ideally, I would hope for a pre-existing RP/empty map of White Forest (at least the launch bay and lab parts) that could be used for this. But it may or may not be better to just make a new map from scratch…

I’m fucking insane, aren’t I?

Nah sounds cool. Just make sure you know how to do lighting.

Blaaargh… Model packs were taken down two years ago.