Computer help.

I need a new laptop very badly. Here are my requirements:
Price: $450 or lower.
Ram: at least 8 gbs of ram, and able to max to 12 or 16.
A good CPU.
At least a solid 60 fps.

Here is one I think is good:

And this one:

Let me know what you think! If anyone can help me with this it would be greatly appreciated.

-Addon creator.

firstly, I wouldn’t get a laptop, unless you need it for school or work aswell. Secondly, fps largely depends on what gamemode you’re playing, player count, addons, etc…

You won’t get a solid 60fps with every game especially with your budget… I don’t think you will eve get 60fps in garrys mod

Just make sure it doesn’t have Intel graphics and you will at least run gmod ok