Computer model needs compiling

can someone help me get this from 3ds max to source? Not only do i not know how to get it to .mdl but i have no clue as how to make a .vtx or collision or .phy please help.

I would change the topic name…

Get an exporter, but I don’t use 3DS Max, to expensive.

.phy and other files will generate automatically. And for you it’s even easier to convert it since there is no need for collision model because it will be auto generated as box arround it.

There are several compiling tutorials here of FP. But basically, get Wunderboy’s or Cannonfodder’s .SMD exporter and use a compiling program such as StudioCompiler or GUIStudioMDL. You can try searching for “compiling/compile tutorial”


Here, I did it for you…