Computer models.

Hello, I’ve created a few computer models and plan to make about 10 to form a computer pack. I’ve made them rather detailed and I’ve spend quite some time on the textures.
I wanted to know if anyone of you guys had any requests of a particular computer case or anything like that.
I would also like to know what you guys think of them at the moment.

the modeling section is better for this

Well, thats what I thought too but I decided to put it here, I hope this isn’t a problem.

Moved to the modeling section for you!

the 3rd and 4th ones from the start are really nice, maybe make the other 2 less box looking. Because they just look like a box with a texture? Maybe if you destroy them you can see the insides with a bit more detail or a tray that opens (if it falls) etc

I agree they kinda look like a box but the problem is that I made them as close as they look in reality. I wouldn’t know any way to make them less box looking.

you have the window on the wrong side of the haf-x and the fins on top are too tall; mine is sitting a foot from me right now.

they look pretty good though.

The fact is none of my models have windows. It wouldn’t look as nice as it does now if I did add a window since it would be a flat image.

put the quote above your post, makes it easier to read

Thanks for the advice.

I think these look really good Niel, nice work!

Oh wow, my case is up there, the Z11. Nice work.


makes sense. i’m not familiar with any of the other boxes so i don’t know if they have windows or not.

And do any of you guys have any requests.

Make a 486.

HP Envy H8

You can never have too much obsolete technology.

L0L, spac3 ag3