Computer randomly crashing after playing Gmod.

This is something that never had happened to me before, so, let me explain it to you piece by piece.

First of all, I was getting a CS:S hand mod from a trusted website (GB) and put in the materials folder, so I could use the viewmodel.
After that, it was all right, nothing wrong at all, then I went to open PAC3, my computer shuts down.
I get it back on, take out PAC3 and some other addons and run GMOD. Some time after, it shuts down again, I turn it back on, avoided opening Gmod as it would crash my PC again, then some time after, it simply shut down again, for no reason at all.
I went into safemode and taken out Garry’s Mod folder, hoping for it to be fixed, but it probably wont.

I ask if any of you knows what to do in this situation, i’m really worried about the computer, as I cannot afford to buy another one right now.
Here are my specs, if it helps:

AMD Radeon HD 6450 graphics card
Intel Pentium CPU 62030 @ 3.00 GHz 2.99 GHz
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits

I would be thankful if anyone could give me some help on this.


Now I see that this thread should have been at Technical Support.

Fixed, I simply deleted the folder and it didn’t crash after.
Thanks for the help.

i doubt gmod would be the cause of this. is there a bsod? check your power supply, see if its enough to keep your computer running. you may also want to clean out any dust and stuff from inside, it may be causing some overheating

No BSOD, and yes, the power supply is enough.
I don’t see any dust inside, as the computer is 1-month old.

Anyways, i’m gonna see if it crashes again, and if that happens, i’ll update the post.
Also, i’ve seen somebody having the same problem as me, but he doesn’t says if he fixed it or not.

I don’t know what you mean by it “crashing your computer” when it’s not a BSOD.

You didn’t include some important information such as ram and what exactly happens when it “crashes your computer”. Paste your DXDiag “Save All Information” txt here. What exactly is it doing when it crashes? Is it a store-bought brand-name pc? All of them come with mal-ware and bloat-ware in addition to being loaded with out-dated drivers. If you do have one of those, the first thing to do is wipe the computer and install a clean OEM copy of Windows.

If that isn’t an option, uninstall all the crap-ware, toolbars, helper assistant granny-ware. Next, uninstall drivers for video, audio, networking, chipset, etc AFTER downloading replacements. Update ALL the drivers; get the latest video driver from the card-manufacturer and NOT from HP/DELL or where-ever the pc is from.

Let us know.