Computer Running Rust ?

Can anyone recommend any decent hardware that would run rust smoothly on at least meduium settings

I’ve been told to build my own computer as it wouldn’t better but I’m not sure what’s best and would would go with what like the mother board and if the graphics card can run with it and if everything fits the case, if anyone can give me a list of hardware but on a budget, Im only looking to spend roughly 500£ but I may upgrade the hardware at a later time…

Don’t buy anything. Wait till the game gets optimized AND the price of the pc components lowered.

You won’t regret it. It’s a win-win situation: you’ll get a better system and can run the game even better if you didn’t buy right now but later.

Playing this game on medium settings, on a budget build, as there are no “requirements” set in stone (the ones on steam are not accurate in my opinion), will only murder all your brain cells (frustration, etc). After all, it’s a first-person-shooter type of a survival game. You don’t want to lose your machine guns to naked guy with a bow only because he has the upper hand in terms of frames per second.

Sry if it seems pessimistic, but trust me - the more you imagine a great, smooth and beautiful experience when starting up the game, the more regretful you become, the more compromises you start to make in order to become in terms with your somewhat bad choice.

Here’s the ultimate logic: if you want to “TEST” the game, any setup will do; however, if you want to “PLAY” the game, you need a beast of a setup which greatly exceeds any expectations and standards finished games have in mind (because rust is an alpha project, not even a game yet, even further away from being finished… and unoptimized alpha projects take alot of resources to run well enough*). *[sometimes the “beast of a setup” is not even fully compatible with the files in that project… a whole new set of mindfuck] And again, sry for when this text is bringing down all your hopes and dreams. Better this than psychological defense mechanisms trying to make you come up with excuses later on.
The hard truth is - 500 is very much far from enough to make the full tower (the pc) and get a smooth experience on medium settings, ofc, when it comes to this particular game.

I agree. If you already have low specs/budget PC your best bet is to play on a small private server with low ping and low/medium graphics settings. Your goal would be to maximize frame rate and decrease lag. Even though Rust is not necessarily processor/graphics hungry, it does benefit from having a lot of RAM.

If you are having problems playing Rust, don’t buy new components just to play Rust. As this is an Alpha, performance and specs may change any time we have a new patch (weekly) and you may be forced to upgrade again. That said, since performance has been steadily improving over the past few patches, you may just need to wait it out until your current PC can handle it.

If you are looking to build a computer in general, you may want to look into some place that has more people who are dedicated to giving PC-building advice such as r/buildapc or (if you already know what you are doing as far as assembly goes) look through pc-part lists of websites that are dedicated to selling computer parts.

i bought older computer here in canada for $500 (i5 650 - 3.2ghz, 8gb ram 1333mhz, gtx 670 2gb, ssd) and running Rust on high details very smoothly. I never had any perfomance issues, nor crashing or freezing.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I have my cpu overclocked to 3.6Ghz
EDIT 2: 35-45 FPS

I’m gonna have to buy a PC either way tho and my laptop gets 5 fps if I’m lucky witch everyone knows it’s unplayable,

I’m going to a computer store so that 500£ wouldn’t be a computer with basic specs i should be getting a decent spec machine, and for rust to do all the optimsation for computers with lower specs may even take years so I don’t really wanna risk not getting a machine and turns out that nothing chances soonish

I really want to get a Mac but I’ve read so much about rust running on iMac is a silly idea and barely runs so i think I’m just gonna wait until rust is fully optimised, what computer specs would u make sure the computer I get tomorrow defo should have minum for £500 ?

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