Comunicate please

17th feb: “A small Monday morning update for you guys, getting it out of the way in the hope of bigger things later on this week.”

i know he says ‘in hope of’, but why mention it at all if you dont plan on touching the matter again if the patch isnt there in time…
it’s like he forgot about his own statement and is completely focussed on other stuff, i get that he might not have the time so if that’s the case:
I don’t see why i’d continue paying for a server if you can’t even bother to comunicate with us properly.

I don’t understand. He’s said there’s a patch coming this week via communication. You complain about lack of communication. Did you want an exact moment in time?

he said he was hoping to push out a patch LAST WEEK, if you are referring to anything else you might want to add a link, i’ve checked trello reddit twitter facepunch and playrust websites. But if i missed anything do inform me.

But…but he did push out a patch last week. AND he wants to push out a patch this week. There are lots of patches.

i like how they are doing nothing to fix the quality of the gamePLAY right now

can we leave the useless graphic updates until we at least have some proper base defenses… derp

Tidus7 you might wana just take a break from rust. As long as it says ALPHA in the name , the devs will be working on things that seem completely unnecessary to game play.

BETA is when the content and balance is introduced .

Alpha is more about fixing up the basic engine , implementing basic concepts and ironing out core mechanics.

and like it or not the day /night cycle (which includes the skyboxes) is of importance.

Calm down nerd. Come back in about a year if you’re looking for a full retail game service.

We know major features of the upcoming patch, but that’s not to say that they didn’t sneak in some secret additions. They already said they work on stuff without telling us. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some new base defense options in the patch, as they said they are actively working on that.

Yep, I fully agree.
They really should learn how to communicate and it’s not about alpha/beta.

This thread is confusing me so much. How is patching on a weekly basis and announcing said patches bad? How is an alpha not about an alpha?

Well they can announce that Rust will go beta. So? Yep, there you go, I’ve announced it.
Point me out long term milestones, current development stage and stuff.
Oh, there is none except some points on Trello?
Sure thing they don’t have to tell anything to public but still a lot of folks supported Rust buying Alpha and keeping everyone up with some fixed callendar and milestones would be a fine move.
GSp and server owners would love it too.

They were connected to the trello today, don’t forget they have a private section. I’m sure they are preparing something.

You see? Lack of communication, only speculations :wink:

They really don’t owe you anything.

Sure they don’t and it is not the case.

the fact that the great kowalski doesnt tell me im downright wrong says allot i think :wink:

omg a patch took a few days longer to get released? we must complain on the forums… developing a game takes time, and things go wrong. if they go like 6 weeks without a patch or at least some info as to why, than you can start bitching. until than, be patient.

Hoesntly if they gave you exact dates for patches you would probably complain even more because there would be times when they say the “7th” and it doesnt actually come out till the “10th”. rough approximations are the only logical way to give release dates in a early development. pisses alot less people off(even though they shouldnt be pissed off in the first place)

Stop fanboying. No1 is complaining, this topc is about communication.
There is nothing bad in requesting more precise information about the product you support.

“fan boying” thats funny. its called being aware its ALPHA
Thats exactly what hes doing is complaining… about the apparent lack of communication, which i fail to see. we get weekly updates on the site, and almost daily updates on the trello. do you want them to stop developemnt just to feed info or something?

They don’t have any release dates or promise anything. Wait like the rest of us. When a patch is out look on and look at the changes. SIMPLE!