I have seen this term and didn’t really know what it is so I have been looking into it. All I have came up with is that its the term used when you paste to strings together. Am I right, or is there a better answer?

In Lua, the concatenation operator is …

[lua]local str = str1 … “another string”[/lua]

So it’s like 2 strings in 1?

Sort of. The result is just the two strings glued together. If you have MyString = “Bill” … “Bob” in Lua, it’ll concatenate “Bill” and “Bob”, and the value of MyString will become “BillBob”.

“add by linking or joining so as to form a chain or series”

It joins together strings ( or numbers ), in the order you specify. If your data is not a string or number, you need to convert the object to a string with tostring( whatever ).

I love how “I Fail At Lua” rated me dumb while I was asking a question. Anyways I understand it now, thanks.

Its just weird that someone who posts in the lua section for quite a time asks how to concat strings in lua…

It’s because I look into things that I want to know or just don’t care about certain things that don’t pertain to the things I am doing