Concave collisionbox

I am trying to make a collision box that is concave. I made the collisionbox by decimating my model in blender.

The collisionbox is not concave though.

qc file

$modelname	"craps.mdl"
$body mybody	"table.smd"
$surfaceprop	Wood_Furniture
$cdmaterials	"models\casinokit\craps"

$sequence idle	"table.smd" // no animation wanted, so re-using the reference mesh

$collisionmodel	"table-physics.smd" { 

warming up my blender. i’d always recommend to model it. basic collision. one mesh. all convex parts. just set it to smooth and you got something working. :slight_smile:

Ended up doing this. I just wanted to have collision on the edges / tops of the table, but also be able to reach the felt. It’ll be good enough for my purpose though.

What you need to be doing is using seperate parts for your coll. model. That is what is meant by the term convex pieces so each part of the table is assigned a new smooth group so that it basically creates the shape of the table. For your model, I’d recommend creating a coll. model for both the legs are 2 seperate cubes, the centre pieces as another and for the table, using a cylinder and cutting that in half for one curved side and do again for the other. Then using a flat cube object for the base of the table and your done. Add more pieces if you need the coll. mesh to be more accurate