Concept Art into Source 2

I’ve been trying the Source 2 Hammer editor and the new engine and wanted to make something, to I’ve randomly googled and found some concept art for SCP:SL:

My Progress after like 3 hours so far is this on making that concept art into Source 2:

I was going for the moody and dark environment, by adding a lot of light sources tho making them very dim to get a more horror style, something like it would fit in a SCP game. I’m still not completely satisfied with my results and will go and try adding some more stuff, I can’t completely say what. If anyone has any suggestion to make this scene better, please tell so. I would love to get some suggestions.


I don’t have any suggestions, but I think it looks great! Good job!



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I see ayveris took some inspiration from Kristoffer Zetterstrand’s early work. Nice job!

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Perhaps adding an abandoned car on the road would fill it up a bit? If you do, try making it so the car headlights are on so it lights up the scenery a bit. (a lift truck could work too if you’re going for that). Also I really like the gloomy mood it gives off, very nice.

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Ill take a look if a car or forklift, or whatever first, but thanks for liking it :grin:

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A little update on my side. After fiddling around with the material and modeldoc editor I’ve imported a custom forklift and I think this looks good.


The eave on that tin shack is pretty wacky. Maybe if the building was outside, 2ft eave makes sense. But not quite when it is under a concrete ceiling already.

Maybe add an electrical box & some pipes running on that shack so it doesn’t look so plain.

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