[CONCEPT]No more Tool Cupboard. Territory Game.

Sorry in advance for my English, it is not my native language :slight_smile:

The idea is not to use the Tool Cupboard and manage building areas differently. To get there, the idea is to have a Conquest flag (craftable: 1000 wood / 100 cloth).

NOTE : Assume that it is not possible to build without having claimed or conquered territory.

Two uses of the flag:

1 - Claim

By planting its flag on a virgin land of any claim, it activates a timer of 30 minutes (visible on the flag/or icon on UI) If after 30 minutes, no one has conquered the flag (by clicking on it 10 seconds), claimed territory belongs to you.

One claim by both player. No more than one every 30 minutes.

Claims have lifetime. Each claimed territory is valid for 3 days. Each time you spend in your requested area, it reactivated for the duration. If you do not log in for 3 days, anyone can claim your territory even if you’re offline.

2 - Conquest

When connected, the other players can conquer your area by planting a flag of conquest that surperpose (even a little) your requested area. You then have two choices (popup or special icon in the UI):

  • You agree shared claims and thus allow another player to build his newly acquired area.

  • You refuse it but you must conquer (remember - cliking) the enemy conquest flag within 30 minutes (default if no answer).

If beyond this half hour the flag was not destroyed, conquering your enemy is validated and sharing a part of your area claimed with you.

No more than one conquest per person per half hour.

What do you think of this idea? :slight_smile:

Seems even more restrictive than the cupboard system, and by that I mean magic flags with magic timers that inexplicably stop you from building etc. I believe FP is trying to move away from these kinds of restrictions and systems, rather than towards. Might be a good idea for a mod though.

We just can keep the point 2, it work too :smiley:

You dont have to claim a land, but you need to claim a conquest :slight_smile:

So in essence, after half an hour, I get to build over any defenses the other person might have, all I have to do is wait for him to sleep?

No, if he is offline, you can’t.

It’s a concept, it’s not perfect (far far away) but you get the idea :slight_smile:

I think this is a good topic to discuss
Think about mixing the TC with this flag system:
Imagine you can only place 1 TC (a little bigger building/building blocked area but x4 size (or more) for TC placement restricted area) so you main TC will be in your main base
But then you can place this flags to spand your territory with that system
So you have a core domain (TC zone) and a soft domain (flags zones) the flag zones can be conquered
E.G.: You can jump an external wall conquering territory and building to pass over it (good against this clans with 4+ external wall layers that may take so many C4/rockets), but when you reach the TC area you need to use c4/rockets

I love this idea ! :slight_smile:

The flags must have decay to prevent large areas of claimed land (faster than the building parts decay, even faster if they are outside the TC placement restricted area)
Flags must be upgraded in order to upgrade the buildings in these areas
Diferent amount and material types (prevent griefing)
1° tier flag = Allows Twig construction (instant)
2° tier flag = Allows Wood construction (can upgrade before 3 hours of being placed/claimed)
3° tier flag = Allows Stone construction (can upgrade before 6 hours of being placed/claimed)
4° tier flag = Allows Metal construction (can upgrade before 10 hours of being planced/claimed)
5° tier flag = Allows Metal construction (can upgrade before 14 hours of being planced/claimed)
In the main TC you can design the imagen for all claimed flags within the TC placement restricted area
I think the flag capturing system must be like the traditional capture the flag system or like the actual TC system by pressing E on the flag to authorize yourself
(this could lower the amount of tower campers a little bit)

remove cupboard is useless. and roll the game on thanham

I think the devs want to steer away from no build zones. It’s the impression I get everytime garry mentions removing the TC.

because is idiot, like xp system… i don’t hold this xp system, i am quitting for good when this come a thing

Why wait? You already know it’s happening.

Dude this thread has nothing to do this the xp system

anyway is the same idiot stuff

We are always going to have some form of no build zone. People could grief the shit out of you so bad if we didn’t. Metal barricades on your doorway, gg.

I know we have the same old ridiculously boring people claiming ‘legacy didn’t have them’ but it kinda did with the shitty foundations with a pillar in the middle. Every base looked absolutely terrible with these though, cupboard would have been nicer.

I love the territory control principle and although it means not being able to build anywhere, I am ready to sacrifice it to add this feature.
The rules of this game are not yet written :slight_smile:

Interesting idea @Krovv

I have recently popped back into ‘Miscreated’ and had a quick go with the building in this game, althought I do not like the building process, the way you obtain building rights is pretty spot on and fair.

You have to place a ‘Plot Sign’, this cannot be destroyed until all your buildings/walls etc have been destroyed, then you can destroy the ‘Plot sign’ and claim the land. There is a building block of around 30m, and you can give any member of your ‘Clan’ building rights. The best thing I like about this is that you are restricted to one ‘Plot sign’ per server. Of course decay etc would work inthe same way, and there is also a larger area around towns/monuments that you cannot build.

Any thoughts on this ?

It’s a nice idea too. Simple and efficient. You don’t have the conquest feature but its easiest to understand :slight_smile:

That sounds even worse than the TC is now. How are players supposed to take over bases with this?