[CONCEPT] Official Server's being the "massive realms" talked about in the Devblog.

I have always thought how cool rust would be if there was massive servers with a ton of different instances islands (each island acting like its own server, but each server being part of the big server and everything syncs across).

I imagined boats and specialized islands. Such as a small, harsh archipelago somewhere in the north where if it wasn’t raining it was snowing. I imagined massive central islands where there was a ton of bigger clans fighting for control of a certain resource only found there. I imagined going to different islands and creating new identities on each of them. Gathering resources and fighting NPC’s only found on that island. Living a nomadic lifestyle, fighting for a central resource, hiding away where no one can find me or building a massive fortress and claiming an island for my clan.

Interesting player interactions and dynamics. Trading between different islands because some resource can only be found there. Blockading these trading routes, monopolizing the market (player economy run by players and influenced by players.)

Imagine sailing and boating. Being a pirate or living on your houseboat. Creating massive gunships and raiding all across the seas and oceans.

Progression staying the same across all servers. I keep all my stuff and knowledge when I flee this island or go to raid this one.

Islands as big as the ones servers have, or islands 1/4th that size.

This could be the official servers.

There is a ton of possibilities if this happened. I just talked about a few of the interesting ones, but anything could happen if you chose to pursue this.

Of course, there would be logistical problems. Who’s going to moderate this all, how will it be balanced. Server costs? Wiping? Do we have enough content to make this worthwhile and fun?

While, this couldn’t work right now. This could be a very interesting idea for the future. And if you wanted to play with a group of friends or wanted to find a more personal experience in one of the community run servers, that is where you will find them. If you don’t like vanilla rust, the modded servers will help with that.

What do you think. Would this be awesome? Would it be a worthwhile endeavour when we have more content, more players, more hacking protection? Feedback wanted :slight_smile:

-sorry for any spelling mistakes. I typed this out on my phone, so autocorrect might have fucked things up.

You typed this out on your phone? Wow, you’re a brave man! :happy:

As much as I want this to happen I don’t think it’s gonna happen anytime soon or even later. Right now, with monthly forced wipes, it wouldn’t really bloom into what you want it to be. Also I do not know if this is what the devs want it to be. But to me this is amazing and I’d love to play this.

I know this couldn’t happen in the next few months. But perhaps when things get fleshed out and more stable, it could be a possibility?

Split realms are a possibility - but I have a feeling that a lot of money would have to go into them. So maybe once the game is officially released?

In general, however, I love the idea of there being multiple islands that can be traveled to in-order to gain access to certain resources, or take advantage of specific terrain. But, I get the feeling that this is also something that would have to be done once the game is finished and optimized, as right now, Garry and his team are having a difficult enough of a time keeping the game optimized for most of us to play, at Experimental’s most basic iterations.

All in all, good ideas! If they keep improving upon Rust, then I am sure we will start seeing stuff like this once it is ready to release.

That was my thought process as well.

Damn, the new updates and concepts make this idea seem even cooler :slight_smile: