[CONCEPT] Rope Bridge

TL;DR: Rope Bridges, you know what they are.

The Rope Bridge Idea/Concept is not a new idea or suggestion for Rust, it was originally brought up as a suggestion for Legacy and rehashed for Experimental by Alexander in this FP forum post


He did some great 3D models to demonstrate how they would work. In fact many ideas and suggestions have their origins from early Legacy days.

I’d like to add my ideas because I’ve been thinking about Rope Bridges often since i built my First Tree house back in Community Dev Blog,


Building bridges between tree houses was problematic because you either had to turn off the servers building stability or build from the ground up, and making sure the base foundations from tree to tree were 100% connected and aligned. That way you could build support pillars.

The reason why we should have rope bridges is not just for tree houses but for above ground level access to various areas of our base/s.

You could have a central building tower, and watch towers surrounding your building, each watch tower would have access by rope bridge rather than ground level access or building component walkways.

It would keep you off the ground especially if you have a Land Mine Field etc down below surrounding your Base.

You would also avoid any land based PvP or PvE attacks, unless of course someone tries shooting up at you but that wouldn’t be a problem if you upgrade to Armored Rope Bridge.

You could also use Rope Bridges inside your building this would save you a lot on building structures, and possibly introduce a new interior building style. Why build floors when you can build a bridge?

The rope bridge will not be restricted to placement of foundations meaning, if you tried to link up the foundations of two separate foundations at a distance from each other, and they did not snap together like normal it would look odd but a rope bridge wouldn’t have this problem. As long as both separate foundations are at the angles acceptable for Rope Bridges. To much of an angle, they don’t work.

I think they could also be used to connect a floor to one above it on a slope, so you could use the bridge to go up or down to either floor. This would be limited to length and height, a short length bridge would look weird.

The rope bridge will have all Tier Levels upgrades, Armored will have shooting slots/windows. I think it would be also ideal to have roof covering as well but optional for outdoor use, and to protect from weather.

So how would this concept work? I did some Concept art in Photoshop to so demonstrate my idea better, So first off we’ll be using three building objects currently already in game, The Pillar, The Triangle Floor and The Square Floor.

Now the Rope Bridge itself will use Four Pillars, two at each end. Rope Bridge Pillars(RBP for short) will be allowed to occupy the space of another RBP, This is for use on Square and Triangle floors/foundations. For example you could have RBP’s on all corners of a square/triangle floor because you want access to go to all directions available.

OR instead of a Four RBP set we could use just a Single RBP, and have it so that when Four RBP’s are placed in a specific setup up, the code checks if a bridge can be made and creates the bridge if it can, if it cant it shows a transparent red bridge.

One problem i noticed when doing the art work concepts is that the sharper the angle the bridge itself is on, the more the end parts of the bridge over lap the foundation/floor building part. While this could just end up clipping into the building part and may not be a problem.
I think this could be because the bridge floor is too wide it may work better if the bridge floor is narrower.

I don’t think that developers should spend their energy on something like this at the moment…

We don’t even have triangle block… Which should be in game long time ago… so These bridges are nice but priority is extremely low right now

I really like this idea. not so much for inside but for outside connecting watchtowers it would be great.

True though it wouldn’t take more than a day to make, because technically you wouldn’t be making an entire bridge just a very small portion of it like one or two planks of it, this single part would be repeated until the bridge reaches the end, pillars are already in game.

Wolf Headdresses could be considered a low priority too but they were added :slight_smile: i think that as long as it fun, introduces new and exciting mechanics its priority is irrelevant

Looks good. I’m all up for this :slight_smile:

I like the idea. Especially if it can be upgraded.

I like this idea, might not be a priority, but is definitely cool.

If you looked at my concept (btw the link does not work) then you would have noticed a perfect solution to it. See image.

1st picture shows weird angles (anges typo), so that no matter how you face the rope bridge or how high or low you are it will always work.

And more:

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Okay, I just had to make a new image XD

Fixed the link thanks for letting me know. You had a lot of great ideas some whihc have been implemented by now :slight_smile:
AS for your idea, that would be a good to add as an extra addition to the ropebridge, would definitely add more flexibility to the angles you could achieve though i think you’d still run into the bridge flooring clipping into the foundation/floors.
I kept the bridge the width of the foundations/floors so that players could easily pass each other on the bridge. Narrow bridges could be achievable but only on severe angles which should be avoided. I would also try to keep the bridge taut not loose and hanging.

I love the Ideas both of you have.
However, I see a problem with an animation for two players passing each other.
How should this work exactly?

If someone is standing on the bridge looking somewhere, or whatever, just standing, I could troll him by passing him all the time. Everytime his playermodel will move and thus he cant be able to have a propper lookout anymore.
This problem isn’t that big, but abuse is possible.

The width of my bridge is the same as a single floor/foundation which if i remember correctly allows two people to pass each other easily

Aditional Ideas for tierlevel:
From obviouse reasons, stone shouldn’t be possible, however:

  • Wood should be just like shown in the pictures.
  • Metalsheet replaces the wooden planks with sheet and the rope with wire rope (Very nice for the rust setting, due this can look rusty)
  • Armoured should have chain armor between the “armored”-planks and from the rope down to the sheets.

In each of these level, the bridge is not one solid frame, but several sheets/planks/frames, just as the one seen in the pictures.
Even the armored is made from several armorpieces hanging down from the rope. But the chainarmor makes it (semi)projectileproof while one could (sparely) look through.
This chainarmor could stop arrows, spears and such stuff, but no bullets.

Due the flexible nature of such a bridge, damage from explosive should be low, while tools do normal damage. (Can’t imagine that someone would see such a bridge as targetvalue, however,…)

Is it possible to make walking unsteadily? Can view get wobbly and weapons precision near to 0 while walking on such a bridge?

Some good ideas there, though I’m not sure about chain armor, do you mean Chain ring armor or the Chain lengths?

I agree about the stone tier unless it was made with thin stone Slate slabs on a steel cable bridge, that would be plausible.

I think at first putting in a 3d model of a sturdy bridge(no droop) would be ideal, and later on do a second pass at making it sway when walked on.

The following picture is what i had in mind when upgrading to say the Sheet metal tier and allowing for roof cover.