Concept: Triangle Stairs, Ramp and Half Block.

I think the triangle stairs should be half steps though, just like the normal stairs. Nice work though.

I have always imagined triangle stairs being used to compose snail stairs.

I doubt there would be room for it, the triangle is not equal on all sides. the Square is 3m x 3m so it would easily fit a snail stair case because it would need at least 2m width

Always love your ideas but this one got me curious as to why a player would want to construct such an elaborate scheme.
Although personally I would have to agree that it looks more like a cad file display,yes (but does look cool…don’t get me wrong) than a “survival”, stylistically speaking , game design.
But why?
Again, this is a totally curious question and not aimed at your credibility or idea.
So I ask, where is the significance in that design in the realm of rust ala survival gameplay.
Granted, I know the servers like intox where you can sandbox and build but in the actual concept of Rust. Where does one even have the time do so when his doors are getting beaten down…lol

Hmmm… more block shapes would be cool… but then the ‘dial’ selector will become very bulky (unless it changes as the context changes)

This was purely for conceptual reasons and not for any other reason other than to see if how it triangle stairs, blocks and ramps would look. I love using triangles and use them far more than i do with Squares. Having triangle stairs would make it easier to build on triangle floors because the only way to get stairs on triangle floors these days is to glitch the floors. Each one would have its use exactly as the squares do when building

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Like these? i managed to make them fit, without cramping the players elbow space, i left the top open to possible designs but it did work much better than the previous examples

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Yeah that might work, i just tried the spiral and that works better

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well one could argue it is, but this was only a concept demo to see what the shapes would look like. People had asked about triangle blocks and stairs now they can see what it looks like

I love the spiral stars it would be really nice to have them…

Also triangle blocks and ramps would be really nice since I like to work with Triangles in stead of cubes…

Yes, originally i didn’t think the spiral would have enough room but turns out it does my design is so that it fits on both the Triangle and Square building parts.
I like working with triangles myself. The Triangle foundation allows for far better and more flexible base creations.

Wouldn’t it be simpler just to have triangle blocks & 1/2 height stairs that fit the current equilateral triangle foundations in the same way that the square ones currently work. You could have left & right twists.

It would be nice to have triangles which mate triangles & squares more flexibly but you end up with a lot of different triangles & non standard widths which mean the std size walls won’t fit.

Well I was thinking something like this, sorry for the poor paint image, I dont have better or 3d tools.

the current triangle is a Isosceles Triangle only two of its angles match this is so that it would fit with the current square floor. It would be nice to have Equilateral Triangles i’d never say no to more building parts. What i created here was what i wished i had when i built my Valhalla’s, they were all built with triangle foundations and floors for support, no squares. But when it came to building upwards there were no stairs for placement on triangles.

If the walls didn’t fit the non standard triangle widths you’d end up having to make non standard wall sizes too just so they fit then we end up with a lot more building parts.

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That’s a nice idea i’ll build it for you, mine is smaller and can fit on a single triangle floor. yours would be much more expensive and larger.

You’ve lost me.

The current triangle in game is an equilateral triangle - all three sides are equal & can build into a Hexagon. The side length is the same as a square which is why walls fit on all three sides.

An isosceles that had a base & height equal to a square would have two sides longer than a square side & the walls wouldn’t fit.

Grangoko’s pic is what I think would be simpler & fit the current triangle bases.

You’re right sorry, i got it mixed up with the glitch, what you would do was build a bunch of connecting triangles then take one out but still have the hole was surrounded by triangles, the only way to fit a square floor into the triangle hole was that you had to stand at what i used to think as the base part of the triangle because it was the only area you could get it to work and standing from that angle made it look like it was an Isosceles. When placing the square there would be an overlap on the triangle space, for some reason i thought the over lap was the triangle not the square, lol been a long day i guess.

I did do his design but it still larger than mine but you could make them as half blocks i’ll post it when I’m done

OK this staircase (below) would be a half block you would need two to reach the height of a wall, you could build a triangle floor off the edge of it to support the next block up or have a triangle half block under it.

That would work & follow the same method used for square components. You might want left & right hand stairs so that we can indulge our OCD symmetrical tendencies.

Lol yep left and right directions would be good too. My OCD will be pleased. I would also like another set of stairs to be like my original snail spiral which free up space that the blocks take up, each step connected to a central pillar which would be placed in the center of the Square floor. Free, and it’s awesome.

Great thread. Productive with minimal trolling. It’s refreshing to see one.

using the stairs from legacy would be good enough

Ahh! Great job. Now this would work. I would really like to see some alternate stairs in the game. I like the big ones for larger builds, but when you’re starting out it really helps to be able to conserve space/resources.

Thanks, I agree, i would like to see some more variety(maybe made out of human bones!) especially for when your starting out as you mentioned.
Ladders obviously would be good or even Loft Ladders that slide down and pull up but that would require animation modeling of climbing a ladder etc, so i figured that it would currently be easier for now if a simple stair case could be made without diverting attention to climbing animations. Its a pretty simple solution for triangle stairs. I would like to make one with a pillar in the center and the steps just planks attached to the pillar this way you can get under the stairs and store stuff there. This could be used for both Square and Triangles.