Conception: To The Grave

Mostly in-game actually, except for the text and the smoke.


Nothing gigantically huge or amazing, but still something I felt was remotely post-worthy.

I like it. However, my only problem is the smoke and blood splatter. I think they ruin it. If you stylised the blood and smoke so it is similar to the figures and the text, I think it’d look better.

I’m not exactly sure about the trail, but everything else is kinda kewl. Reminds me of Burn After Reading, well that kind of style for the movie poster.

I wanted them to stand out; I tried making them like the characters (Same colors, harder etc. etc.) but it looked like shit so I went with this.

You can but try again :eng101:

Nice concept, i find it amazing. Now in the picture i don’t want to sound like an idiot, but nick’s finger posing is not very convincing. That’s what you’ll get from me.

I do not like the tracer and I do not like the blood, but it is not bad otherwise.

the tracer is bad and the blood is rather inconsistent with the rest of the picture, but it’s original and it’s pretty cool. good posing. have an art.

I can’t take you serious any more because of your avatar. Its to funny I break out laughing.

The aliasing is hard to ignore.

I dunno why it turns out like that, I have it at fullest. Must be the effect I’m doing in-game D:


I wanted it to be like that, actually. And hey, thanks :buddy: