[Conceptual Mod] Territorial Control Mod - Thinking about creating a territorial control mod for Rust, Ideas? Suggestions? Thoughts?

Hello Everyone!

I’ve just recently picked up Rust and after playing it for some time it reminds me of some of hardcore games that I have played and enjoyed in the past like Eve Online and Darkfall Online. I can see that while we are still in a very early alpha state in the game, I still feel like an essential part of this game is missing. The missing element in the game from my point of view is a reason to raid people other than just obtaining more of what you already have! I very much like the idea of a mod for Rust which puts areas of the map in control of clans rather than everywhere being a free-for-all arena.

Although there’s not much point controlling territory if there is no value to that territory, so along with holding and controlling a territory in the game there needs to be value added to this territory as well! Either through higher resource generation, special resource nods spawning or events that could dynamically take place in particular areas of the game if a clan owns the territory. This will eventually lead this mod into creating wars between clans, with battle fronts being pushed backwards and forwards between each other.

The following that you are about to read is just conceptual, nothing is final and none of which may even be possible at this given point in time. But I would like to hear from you the users to see if this is something you would like and to get feedback, suggestions and thoughts on this concept. If everything goes well I might look into trying to get together a few programmers to try and make this into a real thing! Here goes,

[Territorial Control Mod]

This mod will aim to add territory’s to the game which can be claimed, conquered and fought over for fame and/or fortune. Certain areas of the game will be able to be claimed by a clan, in which allows that clan to build within the confines of the territory. No other people will be allowed to build within this area unless an opposing clan attacks the territory and claims it for themselves. Different territory’s will have different benefits to owning them, these may generate resources for the clan or so on. Firstly, how does a clan claim an unclaimed territory?

[Claim Marker]

Dotted around the map will be a visual static non-destructible building at static locations, this building will be the key to taking over the territory. The structure will have some sort of way of attacking it by having multiple sets of iron doors that need to be destroyed to gain access to it. This will then present the attackers with the ability to destroy something in the centre of it in which once destroyed will claim that territory for the clan.

The Claim Marker once owned by a clan will make it such that no other players can build structures within X radius of the clan marker. These areas could be small or large depending on where they are, and will be positioned specifically around the outside edges of the map to make it so that there will still be areas within the game that anyone can build in if all Claim Markers have been claimed by clans. Once a clan has broken down the defences of the Claim Marker (iron doors and such) it will be up to the clan to put more iron doors down to re-secure the Claim Marker and then then clan can build defensive structures/forts around the marker for added defence against raiders and enemy factions.

The following picture is an example of where the Claim Markers could be put, the Claim Markers being the red squares and the wider black circles being their areas of influence in which the clan would ‘own’ by claiming said marker inside of it,

Although, multiple issues could arise here of which are,

A) Clans being attacked and losing Claim Markers when no ones around to defend (off-peak attacks)

B) Clans losing all Claim Markers in one day due to an organised assault (possibly in off-peak times)

C) A Clan owning all Claim Markers and becoming “Impossible to attack” due to massive stock piles of resources.

I will now address these issues,

A) To avoid losing Claim Markers while not being around to defend them, it could be a server option to specify that a Claim Marker only becomes vulnerable within a certain time window each day (real life 24 hour period). This could be set by the clan holding the Claim Marker to their most optimal on-peak hour. There could also be some randomness added to these time windows to make it a bit more difficult at times for example, “Clan ‘X’ sets their Claim Markers vulnerability time to be 12:00 GMT - With the default vulnerability window being 4 hours either side of their chosen time, 2 hours before and two hours after”. Server restrictions could be put in place to vary the vulnerability window randomly by plus or minus ‘Y’ amount of hours from their chosen vulnerability time each given 24 hour period. For example, “Clan ‘X’ vulnerability window has been set by clan leaders to be 12:00 GMT - Server restrictions have been set to randomly change this time by + or - 3 hours.”. This means that every 24 hour period the time default window could change to be 9:00 GMT or 15:00 GMT or any hour in-between, which will mean that sometimes luck is just not on the clan owners side, in turn adding adding some variety and risk.

B) To avoid an enemy clan ‘X’ coming in and taking over all the Claim Markers of clan ‘Y’ in one day, restrictions can be put on the amount of Claim Markers a clan can lose in one day. This could be a server side option ranging from no restrictions down to only losing one Claim Marker a day per clan. If restrictions are put on a server, for example “A clan may only lose 1 Claim Marker within a 24 hour period” then once a Claim Marker has been lost by clan ‘Y’ all other Claim Markers of clan ‘Y’ become invulnerable for the following 24 hours. In return clan ‘X’s’ new Claim Marker would also become invulnerable for a specified amount of time to avoid Claims rapidly changing hand (this could also be another server option).

C) This should not be much of an issue as owning all Claim Markers means that a clan would need to defend all of these at the same time. Attacking two Claim Markers simultaneous across opposite sides of the map would lead to stressing the defenders ability to defend. Which could also be used as a tactic of ‘decoy’ attacks to trick the enemy into defending the wrong Claim Markers.

[Claim Makers Resource Generation]

Certain claims might be used to generate certain resources, some Claim Markers might spawn high quality mine nodes (rocks) that generate large quantity of metal for the owners that can be gathered by the clan and/or raiders depending on the clans defences. Other Claim Markers might spawn resource crates inside the structure that have any ONE of the following, high quality guns, ammo, explosives, food, wood, metal, leather, explosives, research kits and so on. These will be static spawns that spawn the same thing constantly on a timer. Rarer resource generation will be limited to just a few Claim Markers such that these claim markers are valued and drive war and conflicts between clans.

The following image is a raw example of how resources could be split among the Claim Markers,

[Territorial Influence]

Owning multiple Claim Markers boarding each other will boost the resource generation of each Claim Marker, making it beneficial to own nearby Claim Markers that may not be seen as ‘valuable claims’. This will also add to increased pvp activities to take down enemy’s territorial influences, you may not have the ability to siege and take valued Claim Markers due to efficient defences but you can disrupt the supply and generation of enemy Claim Markers by taking their bordering claims. The following image is a crude concept of how 5 major clans could own territory and shows conflict areas (front lines) with lightning bolts,

[Additional Info]

Clans could be built into the game by a rights system using the chat window with “/commands” where commands could be “/createclan [name]”, “/invite [name]”, "/remove [name], “/disbandclan [name]”, “/promotemember [name] [rank]”, “/listmembers”, “/createrank [rank name] [rank rights]”, “/listranks” and so on with a rights system overlaying each clan.

Territory’s could be displayed via chat window when entering/exiting a claimed clan’s Claim Marker, along with information displaying the Claim Markers vulnerability status, vulnerability timers.

Global information could be displayed when Claim Markers have been conquered and claimed

[In Conclusion]

There are many directions this mod could go in, some more complex and others with a lot less complexity. It all depends on how people feel about this and the reaction from the community! A little information about me, I am a game designer and programmer recently graduated from University with 9 personal game projects under my belt ranging from puzzle, strategy, FPS and online games. I feel confident enough in my own ability to implement this Mod with given time, but hopefully with the help of other talented programmers and modders this could become a possibility sooner rather than latter.

Thanks for reading! Looking forward to the community’s feedback, suggestions and concerns.

  • Spool Lyger

Premise sounds cool but I don’t foresee this as a possibility until FP allows us to start modding the client.

Was assuming there would be more than just one reply on this topic, maybe people don’t want to see something like his?

It’s a neat idea. It has the potential to be fun as hell. Also looks like it has the potential to straight up troll an entire server though.

Keep us informed though, I like the idea.

How do you see this being used to troll? I’m sure I can think of ways around it, that’s why I want feedback so I can refine the idea to something that will work no matter what. The idea of the server would be a clan warefare server really, so you wouldn’t necessary go in by yourself and build bases, you would go in with a clan or join a clan on there.

I really like this idea, but I don’t believe all of this is possible at the current time.

i’d love to see this.

You’d be better off taking this idea directly to the developer.

Willing to test this :slight_smile:

That would be a good idea. But I did also oversee Gary mentioning in one of the modding threads some of the things that they were planning on allowing us to mod with, and from what I read basically everything they were talking about would be enough for me to make this into a mod. Its just time will tell how long that will take.

I could technically look at the RAM to figure out where players are and what not. But that would require a little bit of reverse engineering which would take time and be hard to maintain through game patches. This would probably be frowned upon as well since its exactly what the hackers to do write ESP/Aimbot scripts, and is probably what VAC is trying to find people doing to ban them, there are ways around it for punkbuster but I’m not sure about VAC.

So yeah this idea will sit and hopefully generate a good discussion to see how much people want it and other peoples ideas to make it better, and into a more rounded concept. I was also thinking about just dividing the map up into an ‘invisible’ grid layout and making it so people could claim ‘plots’ by building a certain structure on it. Then just having each plot of land in the grid have different resources that it will generate. This could differ from server to server and would allow randomness and a sense of needing to explore to find the really good plots of land. As people will need to go out and survey different areas of the game to figure out what their enemys have as well, which will then hopefully lead to big clan wars for the really good resources. Essentially the Eve Online alliance warfare type of gameplay over solar systems and moons. In this case its over plots of land and the resources that can be generated there.

But yeah, will keep a watch on the modding scene until I can hopefully bring this to fruition.


I am adding this threat to my Favourits , i iill bump it forever ,amazing the fact that someone thought about it already and i thhought i was Alone.

Any help required pls let me know , although am not a modder my self , but i will to learn moding JUST for this mod be true!!!