Concerned about the game experience for casuals/newcomers. Getting burnt out, moving to other titles.

This post isn’t intended to be ranting or complaining with no goal - it is my hope that SOMEONE on the development team who cares about the game experience from the point of view of people who aren’t “hardcore gamers” or game developers. Not everyone has tens of hours a week to play video games - they may have jobs or careers, spouses, children, hobbies, a social life - so they may only get 30 to 60 minutes per login session.

My question as you read this, is: what does Rust offer to THOSE types of players - who may only log 45 minutes a session, or 3-4 hours in a good week???

Here’s my experience as an adult who has been gaming online since the late 90’s on dial up.

I get maybe 1 hour per session now, on average - approximately every other day. If I’m lucky, I can squeeze in 2 hours on a weekend. If I’m playing on a vanilla server, a 60 minute session usually goes like this:

I have been discovering this is the game experience for A LOT of new players. There’s very little payoff and very little endgame unless you’re a chronic player. Casuals don’t get much love. Having to start over again and again and again starts to get old after a while. The fun wears off.

I would love to see more attention paid to base defenses…the kids who play 25-50 hours a week have no problem overcoming any defensive measures you can introduce to increase survivability for the casual players anyway. But at least it would give the illusion that you care about us, too.

Yes, I know about modded servers…but I want to leave those OUT of the discussion right now, for a couple of reasons. (1), the same scale of being out-clocked in terms of game hours applies. I’ve seen people running around with 200+ C4 and rockets. You can’t compete with that, especially when you’re offline. But, they can at least give us some more ways to keep our bases secure for more than 10 hours offline. And (2), many new players don’t know the difference, or they may see the term “modded” and think it’s a cheat-activated server as that term applies to many other online game servers. Looking for a game with “standard rules,” they may decide to gravitate to the “OFFICIAL SERVERS” because it sounds like a trustworthy place to play, not realizing the official servers are in fact the worst servers to play on in terms of server down time, DDoS attacks, and cheaters.

I’ve personally moved to other titles after spending 5 weeks or so on Rust. I got quite good on the modded server I was a regular on, but despite the fact the kits allowed me to build quickly and remain somewhat safe (as long as I had 5-6 hours per game session to build bases large enough to ward off the 50+ C4/rocket attacks which were regular and frequent) - I still can’t “save my game progress” against the people who have 8-14 hours a day to play Rust.

I don’t know what the solution is, but there HAS to be a better way to make the game rewarding (especially in the LONG TERM) for casual players. I’m starting to get the feeling after 5 weeks that the developers have been short-sighted here, and haven’t given much thought to this - despite the fact there are undoubtedly thousands of players in this position who have paid their $15-$20 to enjoy the title just like everyone else. They shouldn’t be punished, though, or given less of a game experience, simply because they can’t play video games all day long the same way an alcoholic drinks booze.

Thoughts? Solutions? I don’t want to leave this game, but I feel like it doesn’t offer much reward unless you put in a LOT of hours, and you’re willing to start over on a regular basis.

Play on a low pop server where there’s less people to raid you. The wa this game is going progress will be even slower. If you asking to speed up progress, you would speed others up too meaning they would still raid you just as easily, if you want to play with more people still but don’t like kits and such, don’t play on modded servers that have kits. Just go on a modded sever that only has increased gather rate or something, there’s plenty out there.

I played on a PVE server for awhile since I didn’t have a lot of time initially.

No point in trying to gather weapons and stuff if you don’t have time to use them.

Other PVE players also had tips and stuff for solo players.

The game is not balanced right now. It’s not the devs’ highest priority, because why spend a week or three putting tons and tons and tons of work into balancing everything… and then the next update adds a new weapon or some new way of changing how raiding works (remember when ladders were added and how much of an impact that had on how people raid and build defensively) and balance is totally out of whack again.

It’s not that the devs don’t know how, it’s that it’s not time yet.

The game is in early access and I don’t understand how people can sink thousands of hours into the game as it exists, let alone the heaping pile that is legacy. It’s nobody else’s fault if you’re burning out right now.

Basically this, I’m on a server which averages like 10~ people a day on a 5km map. So plenty of space for people to just chill and build/adventure/fight.

It’s nice waking up each time in game to find my stuff still standing, and now I have pumpjacks setup and advanced progress begins. This is commiting around 2 hours a day since the last wipe cycle.

If you don’t have much time, I really really strongly recommend low pop servers.

I’ll echo Vlku272’s suggestion. Don’t play on a busy server. In the end, that will only lead to more of what you already experienced. Find a low population community server with active admins so you actually have a chance to get built up and don’t have to worry about hackers running amok like they do on official servers. And chances are, you won’t have large groups running around with stacks of C4 and tons of rockets just taking out bases for fun.

Hey. If things are not working for you, then you have to try something different. Here are some tips.

Don’t play on official servers. Don’t play on modded servers with 100000000x resource multiplayer (you build fast, but also get raided fast). Don’t play on modded servers which has the teleportation plugin (anti-solo player plugin)

Community servers won’t help given your short play time.

So you are left actually with modded servers, but only specific ones. The ones which you don’t have to fear admin abuse.

The server you looking for is called: /r/playrustpublic Modded Reddit Server 2x, LimeBench, Arena, Si

Max: 50 players.

Look I can write pages and pages of useful tips and info on how to survive and play effectively, but all that info has already been discussed in previous threads.

Follow reddit news on Rust, not just the forum here.

And keep an eye on new glitches / hacks. It may help you avoid being the victim of such annoyances.

I’m OK where I am as far as modded servers go, but I want more of the “vanilla” experience with gathering and working to get what I have, instead of MegaLoot and 10x gather rates and kits sometimes. There are days when I don’t want to cheat all the way to endgame content. But at the same time, I don’t want it to be IMPOSSIBLE to get enough to have some fun on the vanilla servers, either, you know?

I will check the one you mentioned. There has to be a happy medium somewhere.

I feel like they should spend some time coming up with server classifications - this game doesn’t fit the old-fashioned mold of “PvP or PvE”, yet people still try to label it one or the other.

Unfortunatly getting fucked over is the vanilla experience right now. That’s why we are suggesting ways for you to get more out of Rust until the Devs start workning on balance.

Thank you - I’m glad I’m not the only one that has this opinion, and I hope the Devs work on balance in that respect.

I don’t see balance as an issue, the 2 main issues in rust cannot ever be fixed

  1. Clans - a solo player will always get battered by a clan, and a clan will always progress faster than a solo player will - that’s just game mechanics
  2. Rust has a horrid community - People will kill you regardless. Literally just now i was chased and killed by someone with a gun when i literally had nothing and was trying to establish a new base. The mentality of a rust player is to KOS. There are no reasons for players to work together, and they see killing you as the main reason to play, not to take the limited amount of stuff you may of collected.

In old rust I used to play with my brother and we never bothered with new spawns, in fact we used to help them. The old map meant it was easier to form alliances and every wipe you tended to build and see the same people in the same places.

Old rust had slower battles and you would actually have a chance. New rust the weps are overpowered and by the time you realise you have been seen, your dead !

If you only play 3-4h a week, then there is no real loss. I mean when you don’t even play much, why would you post in a dev forum and complain about something? Hardcore gamers need something for long term playing which keeps them bound to the game. I played like 15h the last days and i have nothing to do now…