concmdhook in 2017?

Is there currently a concmdhook? If you can, please give it to me. I also have an old version of it snipped by Nookyava

github, gm_sourcenet3, danielga
otherwise beg metastruct
sourcenet3 allows you to replicate that behavi0ur

pls give compiled gm_sourcenet (dll)

not going to google for you

pls search it (google)

examples do not work im put source dir into lua/bin and run each of the examples after it i have many errors help pls im stupid

You’re supposed to compile the thing, not throw the .cpp files into your lua/bin folder.

No one is going to spoon feed you what you need. Read up on binary modules for GMod and compile this thing yourself.

metaman/daniel/the creator of the sourcenet3 update compiles his shit too but like, op is just too dumb to navigate through a github repository :v:

We’re not here to feed it to you like a baby. Put the effort in.

There’s some releases here, but christ you should open your eyes a little more in the future

I installed the gmsv_sourcenet_win32 in lua / bin but it does not work, I think I need to install the garrysmod_common but I do not know how, help! (how to install ot on server

You needed that to compile, not to use, are you including sourcenet and not gmsourcenet and inside a script file? Otherwise we’ll, module just broke

nah he’s either too dumb to install the dependencies or too dumb to install the concommand filter example :v:

I’m going to close this thread. He shouldn’t be expecting us to spoon-feed him and he is clearly not getting it.