ConCommand blocked! (gm_spawnsent sent_ball)

See the title, I’m getting this incredibly annoying error! I’m trying to make the server make a client spawn a bouncy ball, but Gmod is blocking me from doing this :bang: For some reason, I can let clients spawn strider busters, but not bouncy balls… Any ideas on how to fix this?

You can’t fix it as far as i know. Garry has blocked that concommand being run through the server for the client so you need another way of spawning it.

But why can I use gm_spawnsent weapon_striderbuster but not gm_spawnsent sent_ball? Makes no sense to me.

Use usermessaged and make it run on the client.

Why not just make your own command that spawns the ball sent?

Run this in server: CCSpawnSENT(ply,nil,‘sent_ball’)
Why overcomplicate things :slight_smile:

I can’t believe no one has said this… S**ent_**ball. Ent_ is blocked in gmod


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OK, let me explain this…
you mean ent_fire, ent_freeze, which are cheat protected, meaning you need sv_cheats 1 on.

sent_ball wouldn’t be affected… that would cripple all the sents made…



Oh rly? Well test it yourself then. Oh, and run a concommand with ent_ through Lua while you’re at it.

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Keyword through Lua

No, he’s right.

Have you even tried it yourself before flaming him to death without any proof or argument?

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gm_spawnsent sent_ball

in console works just fine!

In console it works just fine, in the menu it works just fine, but when you run it like from Lua, then it will block it, in this case.


Also, I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so.


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