I have an issue with my admin mod. Basically I have a hook where it reads playersay and any messages with ! are checked against a table and then if an item exists, it gets the console command and runs it on the client. This was working fine in singleplayer, and if I do lua_run; however now that I have actually tested it properly from a server reboot etc I get (for every command the server tries to execute on the client) e.g.:

FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE prevented server running command: fh_hp

Any ideas?


Fixed! Used something similar to this:

This is annoying and why canot the server run commands on the client anymore? its just that this block seems a little pointless.

You first read the command of a player’s chat message, then you make him run a console command to run the command and therefore create a lot of unnecessary traffic.

You could use the gm_cvar2 dll and strip the flag off that command.

It’s really strange, I have this error too when I switch to the grav-gun from my weapon, with the grav-gun shorcut.