Concommands mucked up since the update?

at random times when I join a server ALL my ConVars are reset to their default values.
The concommand.Add in scripts don’t work anymore: when entering the command it says unknown command.

When you use concommand.Add in lua_run_cl it works.

When you change the command names in the script and reload the script it works too.

However the concommand DOES show in the autocomplete list:

As you see I opened autorun/FalcoPrivateUtilities.lua.

This is in the main scope of this file:
[lua]concommand.Add(“Falcop_ReloadScripts”, function() include(“autorun/falcoprivateutilities.lua”) end)[/lua]

The concommand SHOULD exist as I just made it AND the script is being executed.
When I make prints before and after the concommand.Add, they all print out.

[lua]falco_addchatcmd(“Falcop_ReloadScripts”, function() include(“autorun/falcoprivateutilities.lua”) end)
concommand.Add(“Falcop_ReloadScripts”, function() include(“autorun/falcoprivateutilities.lua”) end)

] lua_openscript_cl autorun/FalcoPrivateUtilities.lua
Running script autorun/FalcoPrivateUtilities.lua...
»LeXxX«{Ger}: Andy look its cool.
] Falcop_ReloadScripts 
Unknown command: Falcop_ReloadScripts

Does anyone else have the problem of ConVars resetting and Concommands not working?

I have seen some other people report to me with an older version of my scripts that it suddenly stopped working.

about the convars resetting,

Half my cfg/gmod_cvars_cl.txt is mucked up

Part of it looks like this:

	"utime_insidetext_r"		"0"
	"256.000000"		"
	"utime_insidetext_g"		"0"
	"256.000000"		"
	"utime_insidetext_b"		"0"
	"256.000000"		"
	"utime_pos_x"		"0"
	"98.000000"		"
	"utime_pos_y"		"0"
	"12.500000"		"

Parts before and after this look normal:

"wstripper_size"		"200"
	"all_constraints_remover_constraint_type"		"Weld"
	"falcop_logconcommands"		"0"
	"harvester_spit"		"1"
	"harvester_suck"		"0"

My ConVars are resetting, having no problems with commands though.

The concommands seem to work in a listen server but not when you join a server.

My aimbot commands work fine (Albeit there’s only two, to toggle convars), Gamemode commands work fine.

I moved falcoprivateutilities.lua from autorun/ to autorun/client and now the concommand FalcoP_reloadscripts works. This is the strangest thing ever.

function engineConsoleCommand(…)
local t = {concommand.Run(…)}
return unpack(t)