Conco's Hut 24/7 RP


I’ll join in a few.


Yay. It may be 1 person, but its better then the shitload of flames I normally get. :smile:

I’m missing a shit load of files ><

And beside, do you really need Easy engine on a RP server?

Ill clean up some of the files.


I deleted some files. I had copied my entire gmod folder onto it so that may explain the useless crap. Ill urge everyone to tell me how long it took to download and some of the files it said, so I can lower the time.

Well, if you need a Gamemode other then DarkRP, why not use TacoScript or CakeScript? On the other hand making your own would be more stable.


That sentence took me a while to decipher, still though. You could try to code your own, or make some edits to DarkRP to prevent mingery, or just in general some more functions.

You should revise that to say “Post a other gamemode if you don’t like DarkRP with the exception of HL2 Roleplays.”, or something along the lines. Might just be myself that was confused by it.

Im not worried about minges, since theres nobody on really.


Wierd. The horrible servers get more replies then this :kratos:

Well, the horrible server has more replies since everybody whines about the minges.

I’ll join now, I had to download the map.

Also - on a side note, I agree to not use Dark RP. Dark RP should be renamed DM RP. Tacoscript or Cakescript or Even Conco script if you have the patience would worth better.

Does DERP work? On my listen server before lightrp broke I hosted lightrp on hometown1999 and it was mad fun.


I might be switching over to a SpaceRP server using spacebuild factions. Dunno. The server is still new so ill fool around and see what popular.:2bong:

I was on a few moment sooner - great ping. First point - Download Hands swep. Players aren’t suppose to have a grav gun and a phys gun in their dispostion, and hands is simply better looking.

Here’s the link -

I added hands to all the classes, but the only weapon I cant get rid from the loadout is gravitygun,because gravtrust only lets you toss objects with the grav gun

What do you mean by this, do you want the player to have no gravity gun? Do you want them to not be able to pick anything up with it?

If you don’t want the player to pickup anything with the gravity gun just use this.

If your turned off by the low player limit, its only until we get a player average of atleast 5.

Alright the Factions server is up come join and RP with me.


Going back to a BuildRP running Darkrp. Ill get Derp soon and use it, since i think its supposed to be a fixed lightrp. :smile: