Concrete Buildings

The wooden structures and building stuff is amazing, and is great for early base building. I think that blueprints should be available to find for concrete alternatives to all wooden structure pieces. You’d have to find the blueprint, study it, and then you can use Stone or some other material to convert an existing piece (such as a wall, or a door) to the Concrete alternative. Concrete would be much much stronger, but would be more time consuming to upgrade an entire base piece by piece to concrete.

What do you guys think?

I wouldn’t put it past them to make it happen eventually, but at this point features, actual models, and bugfixes are more important than a new building material, I think

If anything, concrete foundations as most.

New building materials HAVE to be added, right? Just a little more variety then the average wooden shack?

A Brick alternative would be cool too, and eventually some kind of metal version.

They did mention at some point that new building materials will be added later on. It’s just common sense really.

Maybe plaster? That would be nice, but it may look less improvised and lose that sort feeling of something you just threw together with scraps. You don’t lose that feeling with concrete.