Concrete Carnage

Concrete Carnage

All right guys, me and my good friend MegaJohnny are developing a new game mode for GMOD called Concrete Carnage. The Beta is out at the moment, PM me if you would like to maybe get in.

But Cow what is this Magical Concrete Carnage?

All right, calm down. Concrete Carnage is this Team Based Game mode which in the initial release will contain the Team Death match and Capture the Flag Mode.

So What makes it so special?

Well it will have brand new custom maps for it and two a brand new hud.
How the game mode is played is that every kill you get you will receive some money, this money then can then be spent on Regular Guns, which when bought can be chose to be used when you spawn in you’re inventory tab.

You may spawn with One Sidearm, One Main, and one Miscellaneous.

Also in the Initial release there will be 5 pistols to be bought, 5 smgs to be bought, 5 assault rifles to be bought, 3 snipers to be bought and 5 miscellaneous items to be bought… With regular cash this is.

After every round win, may that be 50 team kills or 3 flag captures the game will then switch game modes and choose a random map.

For each team that wins they receive 1000 cash and 1 C-Coin(concrete coin)
These baby’s are used to buy Premium weapons, Which are “unique items” for each category.

For example, In the pistol menu, you may choose to buy the Premium weapon called the Critical Annihilation. This pistol is a 3 shot burst, these bullets do little damage, less then the starting side arm you receive. The cool thing about it is that there is a Percentage chance that all 3 of the bullets from the burst will EXPLODE on impact causing ultimate annihilation to any nearby enemies.

On Initial Release there will be 2 premium weapons for each category except sniper, there will only be one for that cactagory.

Now how cool is that?

But wait there is more.

Also, in the bottom of you’re HUD is the Stamina bar which is for sprint the default ability but you may also choose in you’re inventory what ability to replace that with on spawn, which of course you buy with C-Coins. Lets say you don’t want to be fast but a bit stealthy and go hunting with a melee weapon, well replace it with the cloak and activate it.

There will be 5 Abilities to be bought at Initial Release with C-Coins.

Alright now for a round up of all the information.

5 Custom maps, 3 TDM, 2 CTF.
Custom Hud
Unique Play style including currencies
Ability to buy VIP status(choose one vip weapon which each category has, plus $25 more cash per kill)

Now with all that put aside, here is some more unique things.

Team based call signs. Lets say your sniping and a player runs in front of you’re crosshair your about to shoot and give away your position but you notice a Red triangle over the person’s model. You’re on red, hes one red you didn’t miss fire.

From any distance you can see ally’s respected color triangles over their head and close up enemies as well. But for friendlys close up you also notice their Current Health and Armor.

All right now for a basic picture of the Current Hud for a Red player.

Also NOTE, of course this is still in development and this is not final either is the map, And none of those weapons are staying in, they are just for testing the inventory and shop.

Current Development QUE

Finish a Shop System(already got Inventory + Money system down)
Make all the Guns
Make the Maps
And after Inital Release, Everyonce in awhile add new maps and guns.

Also Coming Soon.

More Pictures

Remember, PM me for a chance to be invited to the closed beta.

Looks pretty interesting.

I like some parts of the HUD, the health and stamina bars in particular, but I don’t like the numbers next to them. You might also want to improve your jpeg_quality because I can’t read some of information on the sides of the HUD.

Looks boring. Well, not exactly boring, but bland, and I was expecting something more original from the title. Other than that, it looks like your average gamemode with guns that shoot bullets and a shop system.

At it’s core, yes, it’s a TDM/CTF sort of thing. We used Concrete Carnage because the original idea for the theme was gritty gang warfare stuff. Now we’re not sure about the art style and focussing rather on developing the gamemode itself.

Not only that but it has different types of guns that dont just shoot bullets, abilitys that you can buy and use like Cloak.

Yeah, well I’m a little bit disappointed, given the huge potential this name has. I was expecting something involving concrete blocks.
Now I wouldn’t pretend it won’t be addicting, any deathmatch game is addicting, but it still looks… way too common.

TDM/CTF is essenitally our jumping off point, to be fair. The plan includes passive/active abilities, non-standard guns, bespoke on-request guns, all to be purchased one way or another. We’re trying to make it unique in its own way.

-snip- Mega said what i was saying but better.

Okay, you have correct arguments so I have nothing else to say. :v:
Well, good luck on that then.


I was expecting a game where you play as those concrete barriers, and it’s kind of like a mixture of GMod Racer and Bumper Cars - IE you’re all racing through a track, and you can ram each other, sending your victims careening off and hitting others, and every time a concrete barrier takes damage, small pieces of concrete break off and can be picked up by other players to be used as currency or points or something.

I was disappointed. :saddowns:

Go to the requests section.

As far as I’ve seen from a long time ago when you guys were still developing it looked fun, addicting, and it did have a feeling of uniqueness to the gameplay. Now that your about ready for release, it could have only gotten better.

Seems… blank.

How is it bland, elaborate please.

He didn’t say black… T.T

Fixed, haha thanks for telling me.