conditions locations facts erase them all fast



you are dumb and nobody likes you


you should pose something

super sexy

The picture is well put together in and out.
The blood,eye glow, and muzzle flash are standouts and they kind of swirl my attention around the picture.
Keeps me looking at it…
It gets better every time


very nois

your composition skills. give them to me.

pose stuff and take it at a good angle

be incredibly lucky at setting things up!

sexy motion blur! my only suggestion would be, that the shotgun must have motion blur too. apart from that … IT’S AWESOME!
nice to see some quality pics with the HL² cast again.

so fucking sexy

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watermark is bad though

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try to integrate it into the picture somehow, like put it a wall or something.


i did and then my house flooded and now i dont have a work station


Well that’s pretty awesome, I must say.