Conducting a Little Study

As a server owner myself I find myself asking a question a lot. “What should I offer as perks to a donator that isn’t too OP, yet isn’t stupid.” I know many other server owners ponder on this question frequently as well. Every one has their own standard as to what they think is too much or too little with perks that a donator gets. So I’m conducting a study, what perks do you like seeing on Gmod servers? I hope that this poll will help me and other curious server owners reflect on decent ideas that they should offer for their donators.

You may select multiple choices, as only selecting one choice might make the poll a bit more unbalanced and difficult. If you’d like to leave a more detailed opinion you may do so below.

That’s not donating, that’s purchasing stuff. Why mask that under a fake name. Chat tag/forum section only at best. Otherwise it’s selling power which is utterly despicable.

This is one of the worst things you could do.

Donating being the popular term for it. Though you are purchasing goods by doing so for most communities, the purpose of this study is to figure out what people like to see the most. This isn’t picking on any one community or server that does these things. It’s simply here to shed light on what should be more prevalent as listed “donator perks”.

However I do agree that any server that sells staff positions seem like they’re trying to get money. At that point it’s the owner saying you won’t get staff on my server(s), unless you pay for a predetermined rank.

I don’t enjoy seeing any of these ‘perks’.

Donations should only be for cosmetic items, and a donator only forum.

Donater stuff is stupid altogether. Donating is giving without getting anything back, so its really buying stuff.

Just because other server owners call a purchase on their server a donation doesn’t mean you have to. Sugar-coating the name of a purchase on your server doesn’t earn you any more money.

It can also make things sticky depending on which policies Paypal wants to enforce if they catch wind of you taking donations.

That’s why we rebranded ours as VIP…

Still just got vote benefits and cosmetic enhancements

Even cosmetic items, ehhh, it’s not really donating, just buying something. A tag, well I doubt people are going to donate just to get that

The league of legends way. When I first started playing, “pff I will never pay for any of this shit”. Now its “holyshit when’s the new skin for x coming out”. God damn.

I’ve spent almost $50 on CS:GO
Worst part is it’s just gambling with creates for knifes or Asiimovs

I need to stop.

Almost all donations are gonna be a method of buying items, but the problem is that the second servers mention it as such, they need to pay taxes. A good majority of groups are actually tax evading with said method :v:

The cool thing is, the server doesn’t even have to give out the item, since the client “donated” the money.
It’s just like in that full metal alchemist episode.

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Btw don’t host a server if you don’t have the financial means cleared up front.
It should be about creating a fun environment and community, not how you’re gonna pay the next bill. Get some of your friends together and group-source it. If you always have to worry about getting money, you are more likely to charge for stuff that should never be paid for.
(I think any servers that sell admin must be pretty desperate, apart from the ones that just wanna make a profit - you shouldn’t host a server if it’s for-profit)