'condump' command alternative for GMod 13

For several months I’ve been developing a huge statistics tracking system for Noobonic Plague using exclusively client console text and lots and lots of parsing. Even though I am a current admin on the server, it’s the only way I’m able to do this. Currently, the system relies on a bot that just sits in-game and automatically inputs in the ‘condump’ command to print the console text then it uploads it to my server where various PHP scripts analyze it and track people in a MySQL database. I’d like to think I know a fair amount about Source and commands, but there are probably dozens of things I could do to make this easier and more reliable, considering the console has a tendency to have corrupt lines where it leaves out random characters, leading to inevitable inaccuracy with my project.

But, this thread isn’t so I can ask for better ways to do it (although improvement tips are greatly appreciated), but rather, are there any alternative commands to condump? As the command no longer exists in GMod 13, and that is a big problem for me.

Thanks ahead of time.