Confederate Models

I’m looking for confederate models. I’ve looked around, to no avail, for any sort of confederate models but haven’t been able to find anything. Civil War era models would be nice, but I’m more interested in “fictional” models. Such as taking an US Army ACU and changing the flag to the stars and bars, The Velcro to “CS ARMY” and so on. Any of these would be wonderful.

Check the sourcemod “Battlegrounds”, copy those into garrysmod, I’m sure they will work fine.

BG 2 is about Brits vs USA. Not CSA vs Union. Besides, the ragdolls are horrible. They’re almost impossible to pose.

Oh, my bad.

You really should specify “American” Civil War. We aren’t the only country to have one, you know. There’s the Spanish Civil War, the English War of the Roses, the Russian Civil War, etc.

Actually, is there a country that hasn’t had one?

I’d say Canada hasn’t had one, but there were some armed rebellions against the government that didn’t last long. Yes, I probably should have.

I’m guessing there aren’t any models then? Are there any models of US Army Soldiers with flags that could be edited into “modern” CS Army Soldiers?

There was a good confederate cap in Point Lookout, too bad the guy who ported few Point Lookout props didn’t port that one.