Config a server

Hi everyone,

Here I have two small problems that bothers me enormously so I just ask you to help me :

The first problems is : When a player is disconnected , here money printer or others entities buy on the F4 menu rest in the place , there are don’t remove .

The second: How to ensure that players use only the lua server?

Exemple: For the addon GTA V death, I translated in french but the player see it in Portuguese while in my ftp it is only the french …

Well , thank you for you help .

Have a good week

Why post this again?

Because this is the correct section.

My bad, I thought it was because he wasn’t getting a reply.

“The second: How to ensure that players use only the lua server?”


if you mean make it so people cant steal any of your files, you probably cant(?)

You say true ^^

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How can i explain that …

For exemple : Step 1 : i modify lua files in my addon folder of the ftp
Step 2 : Client dowload the no-modified addon in the workshop

Then they got the lua files of the original addon not my modified files .

Do you undestand ?

Don’t use resource.AddWorkshop, get FastDL instead

Thanks for your answer =)

That resolve my 2srt problem =)

Workshop is actually really nice and FAST since one file is downloaded ( one connection per file, so with FastDL if you have x hundred files, it is x hundred connections to start, stop, etc )…

But, here’s a how to for FastDL

But then again you don’t need to redownload the entire file when there is a small update to the addon and I’m pretty sure .bz2 is also more compressed. There is also the need to load up the addon every time you connect which in the long run adds up in second wasted. Another thing is workshop is a bigger hassle as an owner since as you need to spilt stuff up into 200mb chunks.l and hope your server downloads them. I’m think Steam throttles download speeds too.

Not to mention that if you are already subscribed to an addon, it totally negates that and downloads another copy. Also, if there’s an update for an addon, the server completely redownloads the entire addon to the player and doesn’t even delete the old copy.

There are downsides to Workshop which will hopefully be resolved soon, but there are similar issues with FastDL: You can’t update a file… you have to rename it which also leaves old copies ( much harder to find ) in your directory. The connection issue where it takes longer time to download same MB worth of data due to having to connect each time for each file.

I’d rather not subscribe to any addons, let the server download them and have them in one spot via workshop at a faster dl speed than spend time waiting on FastDL, only 4000 files left to download…

Even if the other issues with WorkshopDL are fixed, you can’t fix Steam’s major connection speed issues.

I get ~ 3-5MB/sec download speeds through Steam. If you’re getting slow speeds, change the localization server, or … in settings to one closer to you, or one not as popular.

Steam does have downtime/slow-server issues with all servers, however, in my case, I just live in a super populated area so the speeds from the server suck.

It’s worth a shot though, right; unless it is the isps lines that are overcrowded?

Settings > Downloads > Download Region. Mine is set to Atlanta, GA.