Hi, i wanna know what is necessary to play Rust with High or Medium graphic quality with a good FPS. Thx

Something better than the potatoes a lot of people try to use for it.

What ?


OP, long story short 8gb min ram, decent cpu/gpu and running win 64bit. linux is basically a no-go at the moment, and players are getting out of memory issues with less than 8gb of ram.

Sounds like someone needs an upgrade then.

A intel core i3 with Video Card GTX 750 and 8 GB RAM can play the game in high quality ? if yes how much the Fps ?

High quality on those specs = 8 - 12 fps

And in medium and low quality ? The Fps

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I see a video were the guy test the game with Core i3 4160, Gtx 750 TI and 8 GB RAM and the was set in “beautiful” quality in 29/35 Fps

Realisticly the performance you will get in this game really can’t be pre determined, you could get 70 fps or you could get 1 fps, until the game is optimised it’s really a gamble, this system would do you well in other games so there’s no reason to buff the specs more on account of rust.

My game is running fine with around 50-67 fps on 64 bit windows 10, 8gb ram, HD7870, AMD A8-3870 APU, 2TB HDD.