configure pointshop


How can I add content to my pointshop (weapons, models, trail …)

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Go to addons/pointshop/lua/items
Look through categories
Make new files (with a different name), copy/paste and change price, name and model.

Copy Kleiner.lua code under items/playermodels, create a .lua file under the same folder and paste Kleiners code, and change the name, price, and file path.



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Or find the model “models / weapons” or folder is located?

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ITEM.Model = 'models/weapons/W_pistol.mdl how is located for personalize me

Check the .vpk files in common/garrysmod/garrysmod using GCFScape.


How to use it ?

Be more specific. How to use what? What did you do?

How to open “.mdl” file for view model please

Open it in the model viewer included with CS:S, TF2, Source SDK, or most other Source games.