Configuring Decay - server side decay.decaytickrate/decay.deploy_maxhealth_sec ?

Hello there!

I have problems to configure decay on my server…

As far as i know, a timer begin when you update your structure…
At the end of the timer, the structure start to decay, from to top
That means that HP of ceiling and wall will go down until 0, then it disapear… then it’s for next floor

The timer is about 1 day for wood, 4 day for metal, 12hours for shelters

Player side : What can be done to reset the timer, instead of upgrading the structure ?
Is repairing resets the timer ? Or it will just be full of life, then start to decay the next hour ?

**Server side : ** I’m running a small populated oxide server on Clanforge.multiplay… Antidecay is not available for 1.9, the author ask to remove it from oxide…
So i’ve just had the two config field from the “base” rust (not using oxide for that)

decaytickrate => default is 300, reducing the value will increase the “timer” (but it seems that when the timer is reached, structure will depop as fast as other)
I’ve set it to 30, i guess it will take 10 time longer for the timer to reach 0, so basically 5 days for shelter, 10 days for wood, 40 for metal

deploy_maxhealth_sec => default is 43 200 …
What that means ? I want to change this value so the structure will take loooong time to be damanged when the timer has reached 0
But i don’t know what to set… If i want to make it 3 times longer, do i have to multiply or divide by 3 ?
43200 secondes = 12hours… FYI

Thanks for the help

If you have any other information on decay mechanism, i’m interested !

playing with the decay is tricky… you could end up with masses of shacks and half buildings - I gave up in the end after a couple of days and the lag spikes became crazy.

Think of it this way… is the decay is on, then the server will only have active attendees.

Even with normal decay on I hunt around for abandoned shacks to kill with the oxide remove mod.


Yeah but our server is small populated, there’s not tons of abandonned structures everywhere.

The structures of players who don’t come back on server disapear, that’s ok

But i want the structure to regular player who comes one or twice a week to stay there …

I want decay to start after ± one week
And i want the process of decaying to takes more than one day before having a floor totaly wiped

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I’ll try tickrate 100 instead of default 300…
And deploymaxhealthsec to 129600 (3x default value of 43200)

Can u give some feedback?

I would say write a mod that allows admins to have a list of players known to play frequently. Make their structures take reduced decay. Maybe even a vacation mode.