Configuring GMod for Hammer (with newest update)

I followed a guide from Garry’s Mod’s steam hub thing that initially worked as expected; I could create a map in Hammer and test it (with the Run Map feature), and it would open up my map in GMod. As of the most recent update, every directory mentioned in the guide has been changed from my steamapps\username folder to steamapps\common. The directories lead to GMod’s gameinfo.txt, .fgd, VMF directory, and so forth. I updated my configuration to the new directory locations, but I can’t open Hammer with Garry’s Mod as my game. I only get a MountFileSystem (217) error everytime I try to open Hammer. So far I’ve verified my GMod gamecache, uninstalled and then reinstalled it, refreshed SDK content, and reset game configurations and reconfigured hammer for Garry’s Mod to no avail. Wat Do?

Okay, so I’m thinking the problem is with the gameinfo.txt, I’m just not sure whats specifically wrong. This is what my gameinfo.txt looks like:

game “Garry’s Mod”
title “”
title2 “”
type multiplayer_only

"developer" 		"TEAM GARRY"
"developer_url" 	""
"manual"           	""

	SteamAppId				4000 // 218
	ToolsAppId				211
		Game				|gameinfo_path|.
		Game				hl2
		Game                            |all_source_engine_paths|hl2


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I removed the ToolsAppId211 line from my gameinfo.txt, but I get this error now, followed by hammer immediately crashing.

…Still nothing? Well I went ahead and copied all of GMod’s files from common back to my username directory (as a tutorial told me to do) and the tutorial says to run hammer from the hammer.exe found in garrysmod/bin.

Unfortunately, the tutorial was made for CS:S. It did cover, however, all of the errors I’ve been experiencing.

The problem with the tutorial being made for CS:S is that running hammer.exe only has the default configurations for hammer, and not my custom configuration for garrysmod. Does anyone know how to add custom configurations to hammer.exe? I’d reeeaaally like to start working on my map again. Pls halp me for work on map :frowning:


Actually, I should probably just ask this in the mapping questions. Soooooooooo can a moderator please delete this thread?