Configuring Hammer 2013 for Garry's Mod

I just want to mention right off the bat. After someone has posted all the solutions I will certainly edit everything here out and put in all the correct ways to set up Hammer for Garry’s Mod 13 after the steam pipe update in this thread, so hopefully it would be a one stop shop for people trying to figure out how to get Hammer to work again. Becuase I’ve had no luck in finding out that info myself…

Alright, I’ve been searching really hard to find out the correct way to Configure Hammer correctly since the steam pipe update. There’s plenty of people saying that the old way of using SDK is dead and it shouldn’t be touched, (the one under the tools section in the steam game library)

I learn’t that and how I should access either the hammer edior found in the (username)/steamapps/Counter-strike-Source/bin folder. (or the HL2 version) But of course I wanted to configure Garry’s mod the post steam pipe way, most of the tutorials I have seen still use the old way and don’t mention the common folder at all (which I’ve been told must be used for this update). And the people that have mentioned the common folder, they really haven’t provided enough info for me to complete the game configure settings and the build program settings. I’ve been trying to get the right settings for literally days now.

So just to mention again, I really need to find the correct directories for the following…

The “Game Executable Directory”

The “Game Directory”

The “Hammer VMF Directory”

If some of you guys have no idea what I’m talking about the 3 bottom directories on this picture below. (and yes I know most of those settings are wrong)

As well I need all the Build program settings also.

Those being:

The “Game Executable”

The “BSP Executable”

The “VIS Executable”

The “RAD Executable”

And the “placed compiled maps before running the game” directory also.

Thanks alot if you can help me with all of these; and again, I’ll turn this into a config help thread after I know the answer myself. So it would be definitely worth the effort if you can help me out. Thanks

I made a thread on this awhile back. Was meant to address mounting all the content but it also serves as setting up hammer for gmod using sdk 2013.

Thanks alot, but sadly it isn’t really working out for me. I don’t see HL2MP selection when I start Hammer, as well I can’t add alot of the .fdg files I want such as the CSS one. Even though I’ve added them on the CSS hammer.exe program.

Would I be fine with just using the css hammer and set it up myself by simply adding the right directories for gmod? Or do I really have to do it your way in particular?

No you can just use CSS hammer as is and just move the maps manually over or just change the “Place Compiled maps in this directory” to gmods map folder.