Configuring Hammer Editor for Garry's Mod

Are there some tutorials that tell you how to configure the Source SDK to use with gmod?
I believe someone mentioned that the steampipe update would change something with hammer etc. but what exactly is different now?

You don’t really need to change anything.
GMod uses Source Engine based games, so basically all you have to do is choose a Source Engine and a Source Game of any kind.
You mostly have to choose the one with models you would want to use.
For RP I suggest CS:S.

Source SDK seems to be broken from the steampipe update, and I can’t find a way to update it.
If I launch hammer.exe from /GarrysMod/bin/ it only has CS:S and TF2 Configurations, and If I choose CS:S it just crashes.

Use the Hammer in the CS:S bin folder.

Tried, here’s the result:

My configs:

Did I do something wrong?

Is your gmod still in <username>/garrysmod? Didn’t it move to common/Garry’s Mod/?

Yes, It’s in /common/GarrysMod/
But I navigated to that folder trough the browse function and the path was $SteamUserDir\GarrysMod so I guess that should be correct.

Replace “$SteamUserDir\GarrysMod” to “$SteamDir/steamapps/common/GarrysMod” and try again. I am not sure what is the folder name of garrysmod in the common directory.

Didn’t work as expected.

Well, why did you/it add double steamapps/common?

Because $SteamUserDir points to \steamapps\common\

Does it? It should point to /steamapps/<username>/

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That’s why i said use $SteamDir

Probably because the (CS:S) Hammer is launched from the CS:S bin folder which is in common.

Did you run the Hammer.bat file in the common/Counter Strike Source/bin folder?

I do that, select the CSS config from the menu that pops up, and I load my map like normal.

EDIT: Nevermind, I just read a chunk of the thread I scrolled over. It seems you already did this…

Have you tried right clicking counter strike source, choosing properties, and doing this?