Configuring Wall Worm's Model Tools?

If anyone could help with my troubles, then please take the time to hear me out. Recently I’ve been trying to make models for gmod using Wall Worm’s model tools.

Every time I compile though, I only get .vmt files that are corrupted, and uncompiled .qc files. You can see the problems here, so I’ll post what I have and I’d like to know If I’m doing something wrong.

I have it set to use cannonfodder’s studio compiler, because it asked for Wunderboy’s v7 compiler, which is not even available on his page. I don’t know if I actually have to go and set up everything in studio compiler as well, that may be why I’m getting uncompiled errors, but if anyone has a link to wunderboy’s v7 that would help.

I have model directory set to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps*my steam name*\sourcesdk_content\cstrike\modelsrc
material directory is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps*my steam name*\sourcesdk_content\cstrike\materialsrc

All of the textures are .jpeg, and I have everything set too .jpeg in the .mtl file for my model.

If I missed anything I can post more, but if anyone can help that would be nice.

Have you figured this our yet?

For reference, Wunderboy has not released version 1.7 yet… but he does have some beta versions for some flavors of Max… so you can always contact him and see if he’s willing to share. Though at the moment he’s taking a break form Source… so no guarantee.

I did add a built-in exporter into Wall Worm. To use it, go to the settings and choose the WWMT Fallback SMD Exporter.

Now… what version of WWMT are you using? The latest versions do help you set up all the paths easier.

Finally, you cannot use JPEG images. Right now, the only bitmap formats that are supported are TGA and PSD. And to use PSD, you have to turn it on in the WW Settings. I did this because it includes a link to a warning about PSD files generated from Max’s viewport canvas… those PSD files will crash VTEX. You can still create PSD from Max Viewport Canvas… but to use you must manually open the PSD in Photoshop and resave it… then it will work.

Hopefully that helps.

Best advice for WW specific things is to ask on the WW forums as I am more active there for helping peopls.

A bit late there, but I have not actually figured this out yet.
Thanks for writing out the reply, I’ll actually boot up max and look into this.

Well… like I said… I am more active on the WW forums. As time goes on and more people are using the tools… it’s getting harder for me to find the time to stay up-to-date on all the forums.

I understand, If I run into any problems not answered on the website, I’ll post on your forums.