Confirmation of fastdl LUA & File Locations (not a tutorial :P)

So I have fastdl running and it’s all sweet.

However have asked this question to 8 people and got different answers.

Question: If you have an addon that say has a custom model, do the files have to be in the addon folder along with it’s relevant LUA/addon related files AND the fastdl server as bzip2 only? Or do the files have to also go (not bziped) into the servers models/materials respective folders? Or will being in addons suffice?

At the moment i’m only putting them in the fastdl server folders and in the addons folder (in addons) and it’s fine, but people say (and then internet says) fastdl mimicks the gameservers folders, but I was also told the server will pickup and use these files in the addons location.

So yeah just wanting to confirm that.

Custom models should be in addons, assuming they were coded that way, and then should have a FastDL version of them. They do not need to be in models/materials/whatever.

From what I gather, you seem to have got it right.

Yeah figured as much :slight_smile:

More and more I started to click that the structure of most folders is just a nice way of storing thing rather then a dependency (exceptions obviously)


If you set up a FastDL, no files will be downloaded from your server.

Lets say you have an addon called “my_cool_addon”. It’ll look like the following path:
C:\path o\your\server\garrysmod\addons\my_cool_addon\models\model.mdl

FastDL will search for your model in the folder “<base URL>/models/” for (first) “model.mdl.bz2”. If it can not find this, it’ll continue to look for “model.mdl”

<base URL> is what you entered in your config file, as sv_loadingurl.
This meaning, if you have your loading URL set up as following:

It’ll look for the model at:

The only files that you have to upload to FastDL are models, materials, sounds and fonts (mainly). I’m not sure which other file types are commonly sent using FastDL, but these are the most common ones. You do not have to upload your Lua files to FastDL, and as far as I know, you can not compress .png files with .bz2 or they will not work on the server (can someone confirm this? I had this issue ages ago, never tried it after).


I know all this :slight_smile: Just wanting to confirm the truth :stuck_out_tongue:

In saying that, I noticed once fastldl forcing the bzip and normal file extension when connecting even though the files were not on fastdl server or in game server (apart from addons)