confirmed haccker aq5114

today a confirmed hacker was shooting people through walls sheds and radiation buildings. he was no clipping and wall glitching 2 times on multiple of my clannies. his name is aq5114. this is complete bs. how is it no one can put up good hack protection. Server us east large 3

No one cares, VAC will take care of him.

There’s no VAC.

Source of this information from a developer, please?

no offense but before you ask for info to prove a point why don’t you provide info to prove yours?

Source of information from Devs that there is a VAC in place and why is cheating so BAD?

had someone teleporting around shooting thru walls etc but couldn’t use God mode as he was killed even with his cheats… lame ass lol

None taken. I don’t necessarily need proof, if you have ever gone into a game, there is a giant warning saying VAC is enabled, that’s my proof. Unless garry and the team are using (useless) scare tactics, this obviously means it’s up, right?

sorry man you got told :stuck_out_tongue: by Jonnymad

It’s not about getting told, I just made a valid point, and have yet to be told otherwise. I doubt devs would really resort to scare tactics regarding VAC…

I know I’m gonna regret posting this, but to the people claiming there is no VAC/VAC doesn’t work, you ARE aware that VAC bans on a delay? And that all the anti cheat in the world can’t prevent people from updating cheats to circumvent protection for a while longer? And yes, some people either just see it as just a game and don’t care about being banned or have means of getting back in if they get blocked.

no… you telling him geez

No I get what you are saying, I am just saying my intent is to get some official confirmation that there isn’t really VAC…

Please refer to this thread. The VAC myth has already been debunked. No point in arguing in something that isn’t true.

I’ve seen that, technically it is still not official though, since not a word has been spoken by devs.